Amazon Shoppers Love This $12 Over the Door Organizer

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Over The Door Closet Valet- Over The Door Clothes
Over The Door Closet Valet- Over The Door Clothes

It's no secret that living in a small space comes with some drawbacks, but the worst part may be the lack of closet space. The good news is that there are a slew of storage solutions available, like two-in-one furniture pieces and hanging organizers to store clothing. Rather than purging your current wardrobe for the sake of making room, consider trying the Hold'n Storage Over-the-Door Organizer that's just $12 at Amazon.

The durable organizer can hold up to 35 pounds and, according to the brand, save you more than 3 feet of closet space thanks to the 38 inches of hanging space it offers on the front and sides. It can also be adjusted to three different widths-17, 20.25, and 23.75 inches-with just the push of a button, which releases the organizer to move freely as you adjust the size. In other words, if you don't need to hang up that many items, you can adjust the organizer to take up a smaller portion of your door.

And you won't have to worry about a difficult or time-consuming setup: It doesn't require any additional hardware to assemble and fits all traditional doors that are 1.5 to 1.75 inches in thickness.

What you choose to hang is entirely up to you. Many customers use it for hanging shirts and other items that require ironing, while others utilize it for towels or as a makeshift drying rack to allow wet clothes to dry. Whatever you decide to use it for, the versatile rack comes in black, white, and chrome colorways to match different decor styles.

Over The Door Closet Valet- Over The Door Clothes
Over The Door Closet Valet- Over The Door Clothes

To buy: $12 (was $13);

Shoppers agree that the easy assembly makes it a worthwhile purchase. "I got this to use in my laundry room for extra hanging space and it is perfect. Assembly was intuitive, instructions were supplied but not needed," one wrote.

Others are impressed by its space-saving abilities. "I have it hanging over a closet door and since I wear a uniform, it's easy to iron for the week and hang five pants and shirts with room to spare for additional items. Items are easy to remove or shuffle around since there's room between each garment," said another.

If you're in need of extra closet space, shop this over-the-door organizer for just $12 at Amazon.