Amazon Is Selling a $30 Burrow Dog Bed Similar to a Viral 'Cozy Cave' Version More Than 3x the Price

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There are so many dog beds on the market, how can you possibly decide on which to get your furry friend? Well, if you have a smaller dog or one that just loves to burrow into every couch they encounter, then a cozy cave dog bed might be the one for your pup. And Amazon is selling one for $30 from the brand Lesure and it’s so similar to a popular $120 version.

Pet product brand Lesure is all about comfy pet beds, enclosures and more. Their Dog Bed with Cover Cave is just one of their cozy products meant to give your pet comfort and give you a cute, aesthetically pleasing dog bed for your home. This burrow bed starts at $29.99 for the small size, which has a sleep surface of 12 by 12 inches and fits dogs and cats up to 20 lbs. It comes in four adorable colors: pastel blue, green and purple, and a light gray. The bed also comes in two other sizes: XS (which is good for cats and dogs up to 10 lbs) and M (which has a sleeping surface of 14x14 inches and fits dogs up to 30 lbs or multiple cats at once).

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Lesure Dog Bed with Cover Cave—Machine Washable Burrow Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats, Small Size, starting at $29.99 on Amazon

Shop it on Amazon
Shop it on Amazon

If the pomeranian in their product picture isn’t enough to show how cute and comfy their dog bed with a cover cave is, then all of its comfy features should.

Lesure’s cave dog bed is made “with a 2:1 ratio of chopped foam to polyester fiber” which creates a very soft and supportive sleeping environment. One reviewer called it a “VERY cushy cat bed” that’s a “big hit” with their cats. Another review said that their 1.5-year-old Jack Russel Terrier will “stay very toasty” in this bed, and when he gets too hot, he can sleep on top. Best of both worlds. 

It has a non-slip bottom to make sure it stays put when your pet burrows in. And speaking of, it’s deemed “a burrower’s paradise” thanks to its cozy cave design. And when all is said and done, it’s washable thanks to its zippered cover. 

As you can imagine, this dog bed design is a great choice for burrowers, comfort-seekers and dogs that just love to get under some covers.

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The built-in cover design looks so similar to a popular cozy cave bed sold by the brand Snoozer, which has a similar size for more than three times the price ($97.95). But pet parents say it's worth it, with 4.5 stars from almost 4k reviews.

Shoppers note that their dogs love it and won’t leave; even dogs that might have been scared at first love it once they “understand that [they can] get out of it.” Snoozer’s cozy cave bed also comes in a ton of other colors and four sizes: Small (for dogs up to 15 inches long), Large (for dogs 15 to 25 inches long) and X-Large (for dogs 25 to 40 inches long).

Snoozer Luxury Microsuede Cozy Cave Pet Bed, Small Size, Camel, $97.95 on Amazon

Shop it on Amazon
Shop it on Amazon

There are plenty of other great options that serve the same purpose and have different aesthetics, but are still less expensive than the Snoozer bed.

For example, FurHaven has a Round Orthopedic Dog Bed with Sherpa & Suede Snuggery for $29.99. It comes in several colors and four sizes, with its largest size able to fit a dog up to 80 lbs.

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Furhaven 26" Round Orthopedic Dog Bed for w/ Removable Washable Cover, $29.99 on Amazon

Shop it on Amazon
Shop it on Amazon

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And lastly, there’s the Round Dog & Cat Cave Bed with a Hooded Cover that’s made of sherpa (and is also washable). It comes in two sizes and is $17.94 for its larger size (23x23 inches); its smaller size is 20x20 inches.

This one is probably the most like a cave because of the structured top and furry outside—great for burrows as well. Reviewers seem to love how soft it is and the pictures show some pretty cozy dogs.

Round Dog & Cat Cave Bed with Hooded Cover, Burrowing Donut Bed, $17.94 on Amazon

Shop it on Amazon
Shop it on Amazon

So if you want to spoil your dogs or cats with a cute, pastel dog cave bed (but don’t want to spend too much), the Lesure Dog Bed with Cover Cave is for you. And with lots of other burrow dog beds out there in a range of prices, sizes and styles, you’ll find one that works best for you and your pup.

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