Amazon Has a Secret Section of Small-Space Solutions—Here Are 16 Items Worth Shopping

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If you live in an apartment or small home, then you understand the importance of maximizing limited space. To keep an organized and efficient home, opt for items that serve a dual purpose. Consider accessories like a coffee table that turns into a desk and storage container, an end table that doubles as a magazine rack, or expandable cabinet racks for small kitchens.

And if you're completely flustered about what to do with your overflowing closet or cluttered entryway, an organizational revamp doesn't require a total home edit. That's where Amazon's secret section for small space solutions comes in. The page provides room-by-room organization ideas for your pantry and cabinets, wardrobe, living room, and entryway—all without costing a fortune.

To help you on your search for storage solutions that won't take up more space than necessary, we've scoured hundreds of items to find the 16 worth adding to your cart. Shop our picks by room, below.

Small Kitchen Storage

Umbra Holster Dish Rack

If piled-up dishes are a constant stressor, get organized with this dish rack. The compact yet roomy rack holds up to 15 plates and includes holders for utensils and stemware to prevent spotting as they dry. The dish rack even comes with a sink drainage spout, so dishes dry faster and your counters stay clean.

Buy It: Umbra Holster Dish Rack, $34 (originally $52)

Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart

Expand your counter space and cabinet storage with this stylish and practical rolling cart. It has two shelves and four side hooks that are perfect for storing small appliances, kitchen linens, cookbooks, bar essentials, or even reserve dry foods.

Buy It: Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart, $59 (originally $63)

Cuisinel Heavy-Duty Pan Organizer

Utilize every inch of cabinet space with dedicated storage for your pots and pans. This five-tier pan organizer holds up to 50 pounds, so it can support even your hefty cast iron skillets. The organizer is about 1 foot tall (about the size of a paper towel roll) but packs in major space-saving organization.

Buy It: Cuisinel Heavy-Duty Pan Organizer, $28 (originally $30)

Smart Design Premium Cabinet Storage Shelf Rack

If your cabinets are full of wasted space, this rack elevates shelf capacity by resting over heavy plates and dishes to provide extra space for glasses or cereal bowls. You can even use it for your spice cabinet and pantry. And it’s expandable and detachable to fit almost any tight area.

Buy It: Smart Design Premium Cabinet Storage Shelf Rack, $24

Simple Houseware Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer

Spices and condiments can get lost in your pantry, but this two-tier basket organizer with sliding drawers keeps these cooking essentials organized and easy to reach. It’s also handy for your medicine cabinet and cosmetics.

Buy It: Simple Houseware Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer, $25 (originally $30)

Small Living Room Storage

Sriwatana Rustic Floating Shelves

Priced at just $20, this set of three floating shelves is a no-brainer for storage because it doubles as decor. The wood shelves are made with black metal brackets that pair well with modern and rustic design styles and hold up to 40 pounds. They’re ideal for displaying books, plants, decor, office supplies, beauty essentials, and more.

Buy It: Sriwatana Rustic Floating Shelves, $20 (originally $36)

Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa Sleeper

For those living in an apartment or small home without a guest room, this stylish couch turns into a sleeper sofa for visiting friends and family. Its tufted mid-century modern design looks sleek and comes in three colorful fabrics. And unlike a pull-out couch that requires a total living room reorganization when used, this sleeper sofa just needs a few extra feet to function as a bed.

Buy It: Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa Sleeper, $259 (originally $341)

Nathan James Harper Accent Table

This compact end table comes with a leather hammock-style lower shelf that stores lounge essentials like reading material, knitting tools, and even small throw blankets. Plus, the top drawer keeps remotes, coasters, reading glasses, and other miscellaneous items nearby but out of sight.

Buy It: Nathan James Harper Accent Table, $61 (originally $70)

Household Essentials Barrel Storage Tub

Wicker baskets are organizational must-haves for items like throw blankets, pillows, linens, towels, toys, and anything else that might not have a designated spot. Made of water hyacinth reeds, this 17" x 19" basket comes with a lid so you can hide away items at a moment's notice.

Buy It: Household Essentials Barrel Storage Tub, $100 (originally $109)

WLive Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

If your living room doubles as an office right now, consider this coffee table that transforms into a desk and storage container. The sleek wood coffee table with a black steel frame pairs well with most home styles—and no one will suspect it’s anything more than a coffee table when the top is closed. Bonus: If your apartment doesn’t have room for a dining table, this coffee table makes it easier to enjoy meals on the couch.

Buy It: WLive Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage, $160

Small Entryway Storage

mDesign Wall Mount Mail Organizer

Your keys, wallet, and mail deserve a spot in your home right when you walk through the door. This wall-mount organizer is an ideal solution for entryway clutter without taking up precious countertop and closet space.

Buy It: mDesign Wall Mount Mail Organizer, $20

Vasagle Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench

Stow your shoes in this minimalist shoe organizer that fits near your front door or entryway closet. It holds up to 10 pairs of shoes and comes with a cushion so you can use the bench to help you take off those stubborn boots and heels.

Buy It: Vasagle Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench, $90

Hoonex Large Foldable Cube Storage Bins

If your entryway closet needs a little organizational help, put small accessories like winter essentials, kids' shoes, and dog leashes in these foldable storage bins to free-up drawer space. The 12.75" x 12.75" x 15" linen bins feature wood handles and can fold down when not in use.

Buy It: Hoonex Large Foldable Cube Storage Bins, $31

Small Bedroom Storage

Amazon Basics Fabric Under Bed Storage Organizer

Take advantage of the space under your bed with this organizer set that’s made for off-season clothes and spare linens. Each fabric organizer is made with easy-grab handles and a clear plastic top so you can quickly look at its contents.

Buy It: Amazon Basics Fabric Under Bed Storage Organizer, $24

Yamazaki Home Laundry Basket

This compact wire laundry basket keeps clothes fresh and prevents odors from building in your closet. It fits in most tight spaces and comes with collapsible handles for hassle-free transportation.

Buy It: Yamazaki Home Laundry Basket, $50 (originally $55)

Iris USA Metal Garment Rack with Shelves

If you have limited closet space, this under-$100 garment system provides additional hanging and shelf space for clothing. The wood base and three shelves are perfect for foldable clothing, shoes, and even books and decor.

Buy It: Iris USA Metal Garment Rack with Shelves, $94