Amazon Finds That Bring Back Memories of Grandma's House

If anybody had told your teenage self that your grandmother’s house was the coolest, you would’ve said, “Huh?” Who knew that even her crocheted cozies—lacy little hoodies for those spare rolls of bathroom tissue—would stand the test of time? While we aren’t racing to accessorize the Charmin, some of Memaw’s granny chic décor and fashion choices have made a deserving comeback. There’s her potbellied stove (now in sleeker models that still give you that wood fire glow); her wicker porch furniture (yes, we confess to opting for the resin variety that can handle the elements, but we aspire to the real deal); and her vast array of houseplants (even newbie gardeners can keep a philodendron alive, bless their hearts). But there’s more. We took a surf on Amazon and found all kinds of retro-cool, grandmillennial products that are as popular with the younger generation as with Grandma. (But you’d better not call her that if you want to stay in the will. Right, Nonna? Right, Sugar? Right, Honey, Mimi, Mamie, Cookie, Lovie, Grammy, Mimsy, Sissy, Yaya, Mama Del, and Gigi?)