These Amazon Deals Prove Every Day Is Prime Day If You Wish Hard Enough

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Photo credit: Courtesy

And so it begins: the anticipation for Amazon Prime Day 2021. Nothing more than the date has been made official yet. But as you and everyone else who's ever ordered two-day shipping on a pack of toilet paper and a jar of mayonnaise to save the hassle of going to an actual store knows, when it does arrive, it'll be heralded by a slew of deals on just about everything worth saving money up for. Earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones. Cheap-but-great watches. Exercise equipment. Kitchen appliances big and small. Bedding. Hell, beds, too. So we'll do our part and keep you in the loop with the most important updates as the anticipation builds.

Keep in mind that the yearly Prime Day is for Prime members only, so if you're not one of those, the price of admission is $13 a month. Otherwise, have at it.

Why You Should Start Planning for Prime Day Now

Because why would you want to spend $250 on new Airpods Pro when you could spend, well, less than $250? Why would you want to buy a full-price Chefman air fryer when you could instead buy a Chefman air fryer for, again, less than full price? Why would you shop for gifts when they're expensive, not less expensive? Simple math. But you know all this.

Logistically speaking, Prime Day qualifies as a "mark it on the calendar" event, since it requires two days of clicking madness to do it right, so you'll want to mark it on your calendar as soon as possible. Speaking of...

When Is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is June 21 through June 22. That's a Monday and a Tuesday. Two great days for procrastinating on the job via online shopping. Keep tabs Amazon's Prime Day 2021 landing page so you can be the first of millions to know exactly what's happening as the two-day event approaches. For example, Amazon is hawking cheap Fire TVs as an exclusive Prime Day deal as we speak. We've scouted out some other early deals, too...

The Best Amazon Deals You Can Shop Early

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