Amazon Customers Say This Super-Plush Mattress Topper Helped Them Save $2,000 on a New Bed

Don't buy a new mattress until you've tried this heavenly, plush topper that reviewers swear by.



Having trouble sleeping? Suspect your mattress may be the cause? Don't run out and immediately drop your hard-earned cash on a new one. You may want to try a mattress topper instead. Not only could it completely transform the way you sleep, but it could save you thousands. No one wants to buy a huge piece of furniture (or a mattress, or a bed frame, or a couch, or anything like that) if they don't have to.

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Check out the Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress Topper. It's a gel-infused memory foam topper that you can use to breathe some well-deserved new life into your mattress. It comes in a variety of sizes and two different thicknesses, so you can customize your bed to your liking. Add it to an old mattress or supplement your new one, and see if it doesn't upgrade sleepless nights into well-rested mornings for a fraction of the cost.



As one reviewer says, "there's a reason why this is so popular". It's amassed over 70,000 five-star reviews, and it certainly looks like it's "saving the world, one crunchy back at a time."

This is an extremely affordable topper that uses plush gel infused memory foam to conform to your body for personalized sleeping comfort. Each topper is CertiPUR Certified, which means you get the highest quality gel infused memory foam on the market. It relieves pressure and has cooling properties to keep you comfortable, disperse heat, and evenly distribute body weight so you're in for a comfortable night.

You can either buy it to enhance a new mattress's comfort level or use it to rejuvenate an old mattress that needs some additional oomph to make it comfortable again. You could even use it in the case of a mattress that's too hard to sleep on -- we've all been there -- it has plenty of uses.

The topper comes compressed for easy setup, and as soon as you unpackage it and unroll it, you'll only need 24 to 48 hours for it to fully expand. From there, you can arrange it on top of your mattress and hop on for a good night's sleep. You can pair it with a mattress topper cover for additional comfort and protection too.



Reviewers have been singing this mattress topper's praises for months, but a more recent review revealed how it could save you some serious money. One buyer commented that instead of "spending 2000 on a new mattress", they decided to try this topper. It's solved their pain issues: "I suffer from pinched nerves on both sides of my shoulder blades and hip displacement so my sciatic nerve kicks in once in a while. You know pinched nerves basically make you fingers go numb and ive been waking up every day with them numb for the past few weeks. Since getting the mattress, we both have woken up in way less pain than we normally have been."

Another purchaser called it "very comfortable!" and purchased it to relieve the pain in their back and shoulders. "Oh my goodness, it relieved the back in the back of my shoulders and back itself!" they wrote. "I know it's a mattress topper, but I needed something and this was it."

One buyer was quite surprised with the mattress, saying it was "better than you would think", and discussed their experience in a comical but truthful manner. "The quality of my sleep before getting this topper was comparable to falling asleep in a bar stool," they wrote. "It has done so much as transformed my meaningless existence into just a literal existence! It's as if myself and this single little 2" memory foam mattress topper were lost in this big crazy world, doing big crazy things, with big crazy people, in big crazy places," they joked, while still singing the topper's praises. "5 out of 5, would buy again."

Funny reviews aside, the Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress Topper could very well save you the hassle and expense of buying a brand new mattress. Get your own for less than the price of a fancy dinner out, and see if it can transform your sleeping experience too.

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