Amazon’s Best-Selling Under-Eye Gel Patches Are on Sale for Less Than $2 a Pair

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They “instantly depuff” eye bags, according to reviewers.

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If you deal with dark circles, puffiness, or fine lines under your eyes, we may have just found the solution to your skincare woes. We’ve long known that under-eye masks are helpful for hydrating and firming the delicate skin in that area, but thousands of Amazon shoppers recommend one option in particular: Marée eye gels are Amazon’s number one best-selling under-eye patches, and they’re on sale for less than $2 a pair.

In the past week alone, more than 3,000 shoppers have ordered the biodegradable eye gels, according to the product’s Amazon page. They’re made with nourishing ingredients, including marine collagen to smooth fine lines, pearl extract to hydrate and protect the skin from free radicals, hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and Chrysanthellum extract to brighten dark circles. Each package comes with 12 pairs of under-eye gels in glittery colors.



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For best results, the brand recommends cleansing and drying your skin first, then placing the patches under your eyes. Leave the set on for 15 minutes and massage the excess serum into your skin after removing.

Upon reading through the product’s Amazon reviews section, it’s clear why the masks are a best-seller. One shopper said their “eyes instantly depuff the second [they] put these on,” adding that the gels have “made a difference” in their dark circles and keep their “under-eyes moisturized.” Another reviewer agreed that the gels “visibly reduced [their] dark circles” after just one use, while a third person said the patches “work so well [for] moisturizing and plumping the under-eye,” their “fine lines immediately look less noticeable.”

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Of course, the patches’ skincare benefits are most important, but their fun colors are an extra bonus. A shopper said they’re “perfect in every way in the looks department” thanks to their “beautiful packaging, amazing colors, and sparkly glitter.” If you’re going to invest in a set of under-eye gels, you might as well go for an option that’s equal parts cute and effective.

Regardless of the struggles your under-eyes face, it’s worth trying out the Marée eye gels while they’re on sale for less than $2 a pair on Amazon. 

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