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Amazon's secret outlet of goodies under $10 is a goldmine of deals

Score household essentials for under $10. (Photo: Amazon)
Score household essentials for under $10. (Photo: Amazon)

There are plenty of tricks to finding amazing deals on Amazon. Using an on-page coupon is an easy strategy; so is checking out the secret Warehouse and Outlet deals. But the most jaw-dropping bargains are at the Amazon Super Discounts storefront. It's technically part of Amazon Outlet, but with a twist: Everything here is under $10, from kitchen staples to beauty must-haves to items you never knew you needed. Here are 10 of our favorite can't-miss deals from the Super Discounts section.

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Dream Master

Dream Master Tap Lights, 5-Pack

$8$12Save $4
These bright bulbs can be stuck anywhere — like a dark drawer, in a kitchen cabinet, or under the sink.
$8 at Amazon

"When I lose power, it’s nice to know I can still see around my house," shared a relieved shopper.


Temola Meat Thermometer

$10$28Save $18
Never over- or under-cook your meat again. This thermometer ensures your steaks, poultry and seafood come out delicious and perfectly cooked every time.
$10 at Amazon

"This is a life saver in my kitchen," said a five-star fan. "Any time I need to know the temp — out comes this gizmo. Easy to use, clean and maintain...A well worth investment for sure."


Homefavor Silicone Spatula, Set of 5

This set of colorific silicone spatulas make cooking, baking and mixing a breeze.
$20 at Amazon

"Extremely durable!" reported an impressed shopper. "Easy to clean or throw in the dishwasher. No little crevices where mold can grow. Just buy it!"


Sundaree USB C Car Charger Adapter

$7$14Save $7
This quick-charging adapter can juice up your phone from 5% to 65% in just half an hour.
$7 at Amazon

"Love this, charges fast!" said a fan. "Worth it!"


Sosoon Hair Brush

This gold-tone brush gently detangles, plus it looks so cute on your vanity.
$8 at Amazon

"I finally found a brush I can use on my daughter's hair," shared a happy shopper. "She loves it!"


HouseDay Car Seat Headrest Hooks

$5$7Save $2
These problem-solving hooks are the perfect place to hang your shopping bags, purse or reusable water bottle you don't want rolling around the backseat.
$5 at Amazon

"I never knew these existed, or that they would come in so handy," a pleased shopper said. "...I love them. No more shopping bags tipping over or having to hold take-out food on the passenger's seat while I am turning or stopping. Very highly recommended."


Findmag Chip Clips

Stale chips? Gross. These bright grabbers will keep them fresh for longer. They're also magnetic, so you can use them to stick those postcards you've been collecting onto your fridge.
$5 at Amazon

"Easy to use, and great to be able to stick to fridge when not in use!" wrote a five-star reviewer.


HumbleeBee Lunch Bags (2 Pack)

$9$13Save $4
These adorable lunch bags are water-resistant and can keep food warm and fresh for up to six hours.
$9 at Amazon

Shared one shopper: "I just love the bags, I got them for my granddaughter and I usually pack for her the Oscar Mayer Lunchables, which comes with a sandwich, a bottle of water, a piece of candy, then I pack 2 fruit cups, a spoon, two napkins, a bag of chips and a 10 oz bottle of juice. It’s perfect!"


Skechers Quarter Crew Socks, 6-Pack

$10$11Save $2
These ankle socks are lightweight, comfy and perfect for workouts — or the day-to-day.
$10 at Amazon

"The perfect sock in my opinion!" reported a happy customer. "They are soft, stretch well and are the perfect length. I'm not a fan of ankle socks or crew socks, so these quarter crew socks are a perfect compromise!"


Smileshe Jewelry Box

$7$8Save $1
Keep your jewelry organized on the road or at home with this handy little box.
$7 at Amazon

"This little thing helps me make sure I have only way I need and helps keep up with my jewelry," wrote a happy reviewer. "Instead of the zip lock bag or losing it in the luggage. Fits everything you need for a short trip or long trip without too many swaps. You can fit probably 3 sets in here."

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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