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Michelle Young’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Premieres TN, But We Already Have the Juiciest Spoilers

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On the finale of Matt James’s season of The Bachelor, we watched Michelle Young leave in tears after Matt sent her home. Even the matching Mr. and Mrs. James jerseys she brought weren’t enough to save the relationship, SMH. But alas, Michelle’s journey to find love isn’t over—it was announced on “After the Final Rose that Michelle is our new Bachelorette! The way I see it, Michelle is a real winner because LBH, being the Bachelorette > being a Bachelor contestant.

Between Katie Thurston's Bachelorette season wrapping in August, and Bachelor in Paradise is ending a few weeks ago, the anticipation to see Michelle find her dude has been REAL. Now that the wait has come to a long awaited end, that means only one thing: It's time to gear TF up to watch Michelle on season 18 of The Bachelorette—which, ICYMI, premieres TONIGHT at 8 p.m. on ABC.

We have a ton of juicy intel about Michelle’s season, so, if you can’t wait for the premiere and weekly episodes (we don’t blame you!), keep scrolling for allll the spoilers. Consider yourself warned! *cue dramatic music*

Michelle was caught on a date with Joe Coleman

Reality Steve secured some footage of Michelle and Joe having a one-on-one date at a Twins/Rays game at Target Field...where they shared a kiss after he successfully threw a perfect pitch. Probs helps that he’s a Minnesota native like her!

We DEFINITELY see why Michelle took Joe on a one-on-one and shared a kiss with him! He is v much easy on the eyes (we see you drooling, girl—wipe your lip!). And you already know we have all the tea on him. Drool away!

Michelle was spotted on *TWO* dates with Nayte Olukoya

Reality Steve reported seeing Michelle on a one-on-one date with contestant Nayte Olukoya. The pair went out on the lake in a pontoon boat and then played volleyball after. Two of Michelle’s gal pals tagged along to get a ~vibe~ for Nayte, bc duh, what are your girls for?

I guess the first date went super well and Michelle’s girls gave their stamp of approval bc Reality Steve secured pics of Michelle and Nayte on a second one-on-one date! This time the couple went out on the water to paddle board (they really love their water activities, no?)—sans besties. It def seems like we may have a front-runner on our hands!

And I mean, come on 😍. Do you see Nayte? We get it, Michelle, we get it. If you’re wanting more info on this v attractive human, you know we’ve got you covered with everything we know about Nayte so far!

Normal hometown dates are back

Now that traveling (safely, of course) is an option, Steve says he’s “been told they plan on bringing back regular hometown dates this season, so they will be traveling to the guys hometowns. Which always helps since they usually do those out in public.” Ugh, we're so excited, it hurts.

Filming wrapped around the week of September 8

Per a Reality Steve blog post, taping for Michelle’s season ended early September in Mexico, where Michelle was on her final two dates. Reality Steve said he got a few pics of one of the outings—Michelle and her date went jet skiing (again with the water activities!)—but he couldn’t determine who the man is since the photo was taken from a good distance away. He diiid however rule out Joe, Nate and Peter. Ugh! Here's what Steve wrote:

I’ve looked at these two pics I have numerous times and it’s just not clear enough to make out who it is. It’s not Joe and it’s not Nate and it’s not Peter—the only three guys we’ve seen pics of her on a date with so far that’s gotten out publicly. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be the other guy in the final two that I don’t know yet. This is going to be fun trying to figure this one out. Or, per usual, I can just wait until I’m told and that’ll be much more solid.

We know Michelle’s winner 👀

Okay, this is an enormous spoiler. You obvi came here for those purposes, but if you don’t want to know, keep it pushin’. Otherwise, continue for the full scoop! Promise it’s juicy...

ABC dropped the official list and bios of Michelle’s contestants, and while she certainly has a fine group of men competing for her heart, only one of these gentlemen was able to capture it. According to a Reality Steve blog post, Steve was able to confirm Michelle’s winner shortly after filming ended. Here’s what Steve said: “Had heard rumblings since the season ended but got the confirmation I needed the end of last week. Michelle is engaged to...”

Nayte Olukoya!!

Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC

Welp! Guess those *two* one-on-ones weren’t for nothing! While this spoiler does seem super legit, nothing is ever truly confirmed until we witness it on TV. It is worth noting, though, that Reality Steve rarely is wrong, so do with all this what you will!

Yes, we know the runner-up too...

Again, another *major* spoiler, but if you've made it this far, we're obvi giving you what you want!

So here's the tea: Reality Steve was able to confirm Michelle's second running man based off the man's—get this—swim shorts! In a tweet, Steve wrote, "Well, thank you for that preview of Michelle’s season, ABC. Now I know who the #2 guy is on her season, since you know now who won as I spoiled earlier today. Her #2 is....”

Brandon Jones.

Photo credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin
Photo credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Steve went on in another tweet, “I told you I had pics from Mexico 2 days before the final rose ceremony of Michelle on a date with someone jet skiing but I couldn’t tell who it’s. Well, now I know it’s Brandon. Here were the two pics I had and here’s him on the beach w her in same swimsuit that day.”

That’s all we have for now! Def be sure to check back here for updates. We can’t wait to see Michelle on our screens again!

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