Alligator interrupts golf game and steals ball

Don’t you just hate it when an alligator steals your golf ball?

The scenario is relatable for at least one golfer. Lane Rodrigue was playing a game at Atchafalaya Golf Course in Louisiana when a gator waltzed onto the green and gobbled up his ball. Rodrigue submitted the footage to Barstool Sports’ Instagram where it went viral.

The video shows the gator scoop up the golf ball with the side of his mouth.

“No, f****** way. Give me my ball,” a voice is heard off-camera.

The alligator then lets the ball rest in his open mouth. Onlookers can be heard giggling out of frame. In the end, Rodrigue opted to let the animal keep the golf ball. No one, including the gator, was hurt.

The video received 317,430 Instagram likes. Most of the Barstool commentariat was reminded of Chubbs Peterson, Adam Sandler’s mentor in “Happy Gilmore,” who was played by Carl Weathers. In one scene, Peterson explains that he would have been “the next Arnold Palmer” but his dream was derailed when an “alligator bit [his] hand off.”

“Where’s Chubbs when you need him?” one Instagram user commented.

“Chubbs Peterson is angry right now,” another wrote.

“You took Chubbs’ hand!” someone added.

Alligators running rampant on American golf courses are actually quite common. BBC even did a special on the subject. It turns out commercial golf courses are often built right on top of alligator habitats forcing a certain level of coexistence between players and the animal. Fortunately, the species is typically uninterested in attacking humans. As for stealing golf balls, well that’s another story.

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