Alleged Starbucks employee claims couple's 'random act of kindness' TikTok is fake: 'They did not actually tip any of the baristas'

A TikTok account is being accused of faking a random act of kindness.

A video of a couple handsomely tipping a Starbucks employee made the rounds on social media. But another worker, claiming to work at the store, called the pair out. Many people are now convinced that the whole thing was a sham. The video was posted on the page @alohaocean, where it racked up over 400,000 views.

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In the video, a man wearing a Starbucks apron held a bunch of drinks and struggled to carry them to the couple’s car. The employee explained that he was new. Then the couple gave the man a stack of $20 bills.

But the user @yungmoneyma on Twitter alleged that there was no genuine kind act here at all. The video in the tweet was viewed 4.8 million times.

“They filmed this in front of my store (the person with the apron on in the video does not work here) And they did not actually tip any of the baristas,” the barista alleged.

“Tfw I was the one on bar when they did this,” another alleged employee replied; @yungmoneymal responded that the couple was “evil” for ordering 12 refreshers.

TikTok users noticed that the following video on @alohaocean’s page featured the same man that was allegedly the recipient of the kind act.

“Why did u role play as a Starbucks employee,” a user wrote.

“Awwww the Starbucks guy is now part of the family!” another joked.

“Did the wife leave her husband for the barista?” someone added.

Barista @yungmoneymal blamed social media, calling it a “disease.”

“In honor of this tweet getting attention Please Be kind to your baristas, waiters, servers, cashiers (and everyone else) & if you ever have some extra cash or if you’re in the position to tip, it is always appreciated,” she wrote.

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