Alicia Keys' Epic Abs In This Bikini IG Video Are A Total Springtime Vibe

Alicia Keys' Epic Abs In This Bikini IG Video Are A Total Springtime Vibe
  • Alicia Keys just dropped an ode to springtime on her Instagram feed, ringing in the new season with an epic dancing video.

  • In the shot, Alicia frolics around in various abs-bearing outfits and a high-waisted bikini that show off her mega-strong core.

  • Alicia says she loves the way exercise makes her feel.

Spring is finally (finally!) here, and Alicia Keys is celebrating with a new Instagram post that’s basically all sunshine and good vibes.

The 42-year-old Grammy winner shared a video of herself in a ton of jaw-dropped looks while dancing in the sunshine. There’s Alicia showing off her toned legs in a flowy see-through dress over a bodysuit, followed by Alicia dancing around in a teal curve-hugging dress layered over a bikini by a pool. Next up, Alicia's in a turquoise high-waisted bikini that shows off her sculpted abs and those strong legs again, followed by Alicia in a glammed out yellow dress, and in high-waisted flowy pants pair with a crop top.

In every shot, Alicia was clearly super strong and so, so happy. “Spring Energy 😝,” she wrote in the caption. Aaand people totally freaked out in the comments. “Yes Alicia work it,” one person wrote, while another said, “This girl is on fire 🔥.”

If you're curious to know more about her wellness and workout habits, you should know that Alicia works hard for those abs…and legs..and booty.

She shared a video on YouTube in 2020 of herself working out with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins (who also works with Pink). And, as you can imagine, it was heavy on core work, which explains those toned abs.

In the video, Alicia and Jenkins moved through a series of intense abs moves, like cat-cows, bird-dogs, upward dogs, side planks, crunches, and side planks with hip dips to really target all aspects of Alicia’s core. “The core is involved in everything,” Jenkins pointed out in the video.

Alicia also does HIIT workouts with Jenkins—and they shared one of the routines with Popsugar in 2021. In the circuit, the two did lunges, superwomans, and various yoga poses. By the way, Alicia sweetly credited Jenkins during the workout for “starting me on my journey to fitness.”

Alicia is also active when she’s not working out. She recently shared a video of herself and her husband Swizz Beatz riding horses through water and then skating with their family.

BTW, Alicia has an Alicia Keys x Athleta collection, and she told People that she loves the way exercise makes her feel. “I've discovered that working out, meditating, physical activity, quietness and stillness, journal writing, a nap, just putting yourself together in a way that makes you feel good... all of these things are part of what feed me as a woman,” she said.

Cheers to that!

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