Alexandra Daddario Always Does *These* Two Things When Cooking Dinner

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Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images

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If there's a kitchen anywhere in her vicinity, that's probably where you'll find Alexandra Daddario. The White Lotus star, 36, has been putting her New Orleans kitchen to very good use, of late, cooking up a storm.

“I love to cook!” she tells Women’s Health. “I think it's because I don't get the chance to do it much."

That's because Alexandra is a woman on the move. A typical week could find her traveling, staying in hotels, or visiting her husband (ICYMI: Alexandra recently married Andrew Form, and let me be the first to tell you the wedding looked nothing short of magical).

"So when I'm at home or I have a kitchen, I love to cook," she explains.

And it's not just travel that keeps her busy. Alexandra has been hustling in the career department too, having been nominated for her first Emmy for her role in The White Lotus, taking part in Aerie’s We Are REAL campaign, and modeling their new anti-shapewear line, SMOOTHEZ. So, to stay on top of her game, Alexandra makes sure to fuel up on plenty of protein, veggies, pasta and ice cream, of course.

She sat down with Women's Health this summer to talk all things food—and, of course, her love of pasta and cooking. Here’s everything Alexandra Daddario eats in a day, from breakfast to snacks and more.


The first thing to know about Alexandra is that she's an early riser. While there's no official "wake up" time, she's generally up and moving between 6 and 8 a.m. She's quick to hydrate and then follows that up with a cappuccino for her morning caffeine fix.

"The type of milk I use always changes, but at the moment it’s oat milk," she says.

After that, she'll usually dip into some fruit (she likes blueberries) and may even whip up some egg whites with spinach and toast.

Living in hot, humid New Orleans means her hydration is more important than ever. “I do a lot of hot yoga, and I’m also living in New Orleans at the moment…so I drink a lot of water!" Alexandra says.


Alexandra's midday meal can vary depending on whether she's cooking for herself or ordering out. (She prefers to cook her own meals, but let's face it, life gets busy!)

“Yesterday, I had a Beyond Burger with lettuce and all the toppings," she says.

Other days, she'll chop up a bunch of vegetables—zucchini, mushrooms and carrots—and throw them in with some chicken and olive oil to make a quick stir fry (note: Alexandra doesn't use a ton of salt in her meals).

She pairs her midday meal with an iced green or black tea.

Afternoon Snacks

Alexandra's husband, Andrew, has two children with his ex-wife Jordana Brewster, and the kids are the ones who usually dictate snack time choices.

“I will snack on what my step-kids are snacking on," she says.

The noshes are generally savory: carrots and hummus, or potato chips or popcorn.


There are two common threads in Alexandra's dinner prep. The first is that she sticks to simple, straightforward meals. And the second is that she always makes too much food.

When she talked with Women's Health, she said she'd picked out a "really good filet" the past two nights, and topped it off with a big bowl of pasta for her little family to chow down on.

"The only vegetable my husband likes is broccoli, so I put a ton of broccoli in that," she says. "And everyone's obsessed with Parmesan cheese in the house, so I put a lot of parmesan on everything with olive oil or butter. Sometimes a combo if it’s a really exciting night!”

Her personal faves are angel hair and penne.

“Pasta is such a great thing because you can add anything to it and make it taste like anything,” she says.

And that pasta (which Alexandra has most certainly made too much of) is good for leftovers, too.

“The other day we had leftover chipotle chicken, and I just threw that in some pasta. I just am obsessed with making all different flavors of pasta–to the point where my husband starts to be like, ‘No more pasta!’" she says.

Other times, Alexandra preps tacos by warming up tortillas and adding in avocado, sriracha and some chicken.

When she’s not able to cook, her favorite dinner is sushi. “I’m obsessed with sushi–that’s my ‘going out’ food,” she adds.


Dessert isn't an "occasional" deal in her household, it's a staple. Sometimes that could mean a little mochi, and other times, it means chocolate chip cookies. But Alexandra and Andrew definitely stay stocked.

“We always have ice cream in the freezer,” she says.


Alexandra isn't really a big drinker, but she does like to treat herself to a nice glass of red wine once in a while with her friends.

“The other night we made Icees, like the kind from 7-Eleven," she says. "We have a little machine and we made that. And sometimes I'll sneak a shot of tequila for me."

Late Night Snacks

This one is simple: popcorn. Specifically, Alex is a big fan of LesserEvil Organic Himalayan Pink Salt popcorn and SkinnyPop.

“Every night after dinner when we watch TV or are hanging out talking, I’ll eat popcorn out of the bag,” she says. "I sometimes will do a weird thing where I put it in the fridge. It tastes different when it tastes slightly cold, which is weird–but I do that sometimes, too," she says.

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