Alex Honnold and David Letterman Went Climbing Together

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Alex Honnold is a living legend. The guy who shocked both the climbing world and the non-climbing world with the exploits documented in the Oscar-winning documentary, Free Solo.

He’s a mainstream figure, which is almost unheard of when it comes to the sport he chose to make his career – and his most recent appearance was with late-night legend David Letterman.

Honnold met up with Letterman at a climbing gym, where Letterman replaced the chalk in his bag with M&Ms. Honnold then proceeded to give Letterman a quick and dirty tutorial on how to climb an indoor wall — ropes attached, of course — and at the age of 77, Letterman was surprisingly spry.

“How many of you thought, ‘This old fuck will never do it?'” Letterman asked once he was safely back on solid ground. They didn’t get into anything deeper than a few jokes and a short tutorial, but it’s still of interest to see Honnold putting on the teacher’s hat for anyone, let along David Letterman.

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