Alex Drummond and Mauricio Scott Share What Makes Them Over the Moon About Their Spouse

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It's been a big month for Alex Drummond and Mauricio Scott, who tied the knot on the Drummond Ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Come June 26, the couple's nuptials will air in a Food Network and discovery+ special, and we can't wait to take in all the details.

Until then, we're moved by this sweet article from in which the couple opens up about what they treasure about each other. Alex, who dubs herself "more of the planner," says one of the reasons she's most drawn to Mauricio is for his fun-loving, thrill-seeking nature: "Mauricio is more the spontaneous, fun, adventurous one. He's the one who's always pushing me to try new things. He was trying to get us scuba certified for our honeymoon---things like that," she shares. She also adds that she values Mauricio's ability to bring "some lightness" to their relationship. "I really like that, because I can get a little more serious, I can get stressed. But I feel like Mauricio brings fun and life," she comments.

Just when we thought the gushing couldn't get sweeter, Mauricio ups the ante by sharing some of the things he cherishes in Alex. "Alex is the more kind, loving person. She's for sure the more affectionate one, which I love," he says, adding that he also appreciates Alex's fun side, too. "...[She] has these moments where she's sporadically fun. Random, weird—but I love that. There's never a dull moment. We'll just be hanging out and she'll be going crazy, like, 'Let's just do something out of nowhere!' and I'll be like, 'No, it's 10 p.m.,'" he continues. This couple is just too cute for words — and it's clear they're two peas in a pod, too.

Alex Drummond Kitchen
Alex Drummond Kitchen


If you want to keep pulling at your heartstrings, be sure to check out how Alex and Mauricio knew they were each other's forever. We just can't get enough of these newlyweds.

Who's looking forward to seeing The Pioneer Woman wedding special next month? We can't wait to feel like a fly on the wall, erm, cow on the grass, for Alex and Mauricio's big day.