Aldi Sells Wavy Chips That Taste Like Chorizo And Queso And Will Be A Must-Have For Your Next Taco Night

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/aldiforpresident
Photo credit: Instagram/aldiforpresident

From Delish

At this point, pretty much no flavor of chip is off limits. Between pickle, guacamole, and hot sauce, the options are endless. I, for one, welcome absurd chip flavors with open arms, so Aldi's wavy chips that taste like cheese and chorizo sound like a must on my next shopping trip.

Aldi has quickly become a cult-favorite grocery store because of its amazing prices and the hidden gems you'll find on shelves. They have fruity wines and fun dips that people love, and now these chips are sure to become instant classics. In a photo posted by @aldiforpresident, there are wavy potato chips in a crispy taco flavor and a queso fundido flavor.

Each bag goes for just $1.69, and the creative flavors are sure to be a new family fave. Sure, plain chips are great for when you want a dip to be the main event. These chips, though, are flavored to taste like dip. Queso fundido chips are flavored with cheese and chorizo to taste like a warm pot of queso dip. The crispy taco chips have a hard shell taco pictures on the front, so they likely have a hint of a classic beef taco and its toppings in the flavor.

Call me crazy, but you could totally still make dip to accompany these chips, although I'm sure they're flavorful enough as is. I happen to know a really good recipe for taco dip and queso dip that would pair perfectly with these chips with this information what you will.

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