ALDI Fans Are Transforming Bags of Frozen Fruit Into "Adult Capri Suns" and It's Genius

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Move over sangria, there's a new fruit drink in town and it's made with just two ingredients: an ALDI frozen fruit bag and your choice of wine. Stick a straw in the pouch and, violá, you've got yourself an adult Capri Sun. I repeat, adult Capri Sun.

Equal parts refreshing and nostalgic AF, the simple summer cocktail is the brainchild of innovative ALDI shoppers from the million+-member Facebook group, Community. In between posts about the store's best products and a surprising number of dog photos, ALDI super fans have been showing off their adult juice pouches made from 32-ounce bags of frozen fruit and bottles of ALDI's Pacific Fruit Vineyards wines. The frozen fruit keeps the drink cold without watering it down. Work smarter not harder, right?


AdobeStock / Aldi

Alongside many of their boozy beverage photos, group members have also fielded questions from fellow ALDI enthusiasts in the comments section of the posts. Do you blend it first? Pour the wine right into the fruit bag? Do you eat the soaked fruit after or throw it out? It seems that many people have just adopted the method of pouring wine (in some cases, an entire bottle's worth) straight into the frozen fruit pouch and sipping the concoction with a straw. But there are no hard and fast rules. (Related: What to Buy at ALDI Grocery Stores, According to Nutritionists)

If you need flavor inspiration, one of the most popular cocktail combinations seems to be pineapple fruit paired with ALDI's coconut wine (yes, the store sells coconut wine!). The piña colada-esque mixture was originally created by a group member named Tammy Hurt who documented her daughter sipping the fruity drink back in April. (Many group members credit Hurt with the invention of the adult Capri Sun, according to Today.)

While pineapple appears to reign supreme, other fruit favorites include the tropical blend (a mixture of frozen pineapple, mango, strawberry, and papaya) and berry medley (which has frozen strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries). Take group member, Stacy Rappuhn, for example, who recently shared a mid-sip selfie with the caption, "I had to, like many of us, try the adult Capri Sun. I used the blueberry wine. 10/10 would drink again... Maybe with liquor next time."

And she's not the only one who's thought about taking the alcohol up a notch. Case in point? Group member Sarah Hawk, who wrote alongside her May 16 photo, "We used champagne… but you could do anything really, wine, vodka, and flavored water." Other members shared versions combining frozen strawberries with a strawberry margarita wine cocktail or rum with the tropical blend fruit bag.

While the cocktail combinations are clearly endless, there seems to be one constant amongst all the adult Capri Sun sippers: pure enjoyment. People are celebrating the forthcoming summer season with humor and an appreciation for this new beverage idea. One set of parents joked that "when the kids sleep, the adults drink" while another group member shared a picture of her cocktail ingredients with the caption, "This is how mama is going to get through the summer with 3 kiddos." (Related: The 10 Best Summer Cocktails (That Happen to Be Healthy-ish))

The reviews are golden and will probably convince you to try the drink if you aren't already inspired. And you'll just have to add two extra items to your list for ALDI (or wherever else you can find alcohol and zip-up frozen fruit pouches) to make this boozy beverage a reality. It'll just run you around $5 for a bag of ALDI frozen fruit plus the cost of your alcohol. Whether taking these drinks to the beach, a backyard soiree, or the living room for some Netflix, they're sure to add an extra fun element to this long-awaited summer season.