Aldi’s New Cold Foam Makes It So Easy to DIY Your Favorite Cold Coffee

Choose from sweet vanilla or mocha fudge flavors.

<p>Dzevoniia / Getty Images; Design: Better Homes & Gardens</p>

Dzevoniia / Getty Images; Design: Better Homes & Gardens

There’s something about stepping into a Starbucks and ordering your favorite drink—the rich aroma of coffee brewing, the bustling of people chatting and working, the barista calling out your name when your order is ready—it’s admittedly much more exciting than brewing your cup at home. Plus, there wasn't a quick and easy way to recreate that decadent cold foam topping in your kitchen—until now. Customer-loved grocer Aldi has released a Starbucks cold foam dupe that allows you to give your at-home coffee a café-level upgrade.

Instagram user @adventursinaldi recently shared a post showing Aldi's Barissimo Coffee Barista Cold Foam, which is available to purchase in select stores in two rich flavors: mocha fudge and sweet vanilla. Both are gluten-free and made with real cream, and they come in aerosol cans, making it easy to use on your homemade concoctions. 

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You’ll be able to give your bank account a break by swapping out your daily Starbucks run in the process: The average cold beverage at Starbucks runs at about $4.80, and one 13-ounce can of Aldi’s cold foam is $4.79.

While some felt that Aldi’s foam is too similar to whipped cream, a recent Reddit post about the new product claims it tastes nearly identical to the signature foam served at coffee shops. One reply stated it reminds them of whipped half and half, and another said they appreciated that it's not overly sweet.

“This is extremely similar to the topping they add to your coffee for cold brew at Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks! It tastes great,” the original poster wrote.

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Carson Downing
Carson Downing

Starbucks, which debuted its cold foam in 2018, describes their popular iced coffee topping as “frothed cold instead of hot by blending nonfat milk until it is smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor without the cream.” The coffee giant currently offers it flavors white chocolate macadamia, cinnamon, chocolate, salted caramel, and vanilla sweet cream.

While it's not as convenient as ordering at a coffee shop or buying a can at Aldi, you can also whip up your cold foam at home. All you need is milk (or a milk alternative), sweetener, optional flavorings like vanilla extract, and a milk frother.

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