Al Roker's Wife Gives Health Update on His 'Tougher' Surgery Recovery

Al Roker is slowly on the mend.

The Today Show weatherman, 68, underwent knee surgery on May 9, and now his wife Deborah Roberts is sharing an update on how his recovery progress is coming along.

The ABC News senior national affairs correspondent, 62, shared the health update in an Instagram live yesterday, Sun., May 21, noting that he's been doing "pretty well."

During the live video, Roberts explained that Roker had gotten his knee replaced years ago and needed to replace it a second time since he was having problems with it.

"Thank you all so much for being so concerned about him and so interested in his well-being," Roberts began. "As many of you know he had a knee re-replacement, so a knee that had been replaced many many years ago had problems and had to be re-replaced."

"It makes it slow going, it makes it a little tougher," she added. "It was a harder surgery, so it's a little bit harder to snap back from but he's doing pretty well, moving a little slowly."

Roberts then revealed that Roker was sitting with her behind the camera but didn't show his face as he didn't have "any interest in getting involved today" but he wanted to "say thank you to everybody who has asked about him."

"Thank you all so much, you have all been so kind and so generous and just so caring and compassionate about my family over these last several months as we've gone through a few things," Roberts gushed to everyone watching the live video.

She continued: "Al is chomping at the bit to try to get back to work, but the doctor just wants him to take it slowly so that he can continue to heal well. So on Al's behalf and our family's behalf thank you so much and I'm sure he'll be popping up soon."

She went on to say that some viewers may have seen him up and cooking on his Instagram the other day where he made Martha Stewart's famous cod cakes in honor of her SI Swimsuit cover–but Roberts noted she wasn't too fond of him being on his feet.

"Some of you may have seen him cooking," she said, adding, "I did not like that he's been trying to do that because he needed to give himself some time and some rest and elevate his leg and ice it and all of that, so he's doing all that."

"He's trying to obey the doctor's orders so that he can get back to work and to play as soon as possible, so just wanted to give you a little update on him," she concluded.

While it's a slow recovery, we're sure the weatherman will be returning to the famous morning talk show in no time!