Airport worker shares fascinating video revealing how luggage gets stacked on a plane: ‘It’s like playing Tetris’

How does luggage get on a plane? It’s a question you may have never even thought to ask yourself.

But as it turns out, the process of stacking baggage under a plane is both complicated and fascinating to watch.

For that knowledge, TikTok users can thank @djsugue. In a now-viral clip, the TikToker — whose bio says he works at the Vancouver International Airport — revealed just how much goes into the luggage-loading process.

“How yo baggages are stacked in the belly of the plane,” @djsugue captioned his video.

In the clip, @djsugue shows a sped-up version of the process. First, the airport employees spread a rolling, horizontal ladder into the cargo hold. Then, they begin rolling in bags and stacking them row-by-row.

It’s just the latest clip to give users an inside glimpse into a fascinating or uncommon job. In the past, TikTokers have revealed what it’s like to own a motel, operate a tollbooth and work at Google’s massive, fun-filled headquarters.

The video from @djsugue left users just as intrigued as all of those previous clips. His TikTok received over 1 million views, plus thousands upon thousands of comments. Many were shocked by how difficult the process looked.

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“Omg that’s intense labor,” one user wrote.

“It’s like playing Tetris,” another added.

“How much does this person get paid? It looks hard,” another wrote.

Others used the opportunity to thank workers like @djsugue.

“That’s backbreaking labor. Kudos to baggage handlers!” one user wrote.

“As a pilot, thank you for your accuracy. The stability of the plane depends on you,” another added.

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