‘AHS’ Fans Slam Kim Kardashian’s ‘Cringey’ Acting And ‘Creepy’ Appearance In New Season Trailer

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Fans of Kim Kardashian were taken aback by her “unrecognizable” appearance this week in the recently released photos and trailer from the set of American Horror Story: Delicate. The highly anticipated twelfth season of the FX hit series is set to debut on September 20 and will be available for streaming on Hulu.

The trailer features a notable transformation of three of its stars – Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and Cara Delevingne – who are seen sporting platinum blonde hair, strikingly bold eyelashes, bleached eyebrows, and vibrant red lips. Although Kardashian, 42, has sported blonde hair in the past, this latest look is unlike anything we’ve seen from her before!

Kim Kardashian Makes Fans Do A Double Take In New ‘AHS’ Trailer

Towards the end of the teaser, Kardashian is seen delicately touching what appears to be a baby bump, but is in reality a colossal spider. As she turns to face the camera, we are given a clear view of her bleached eyebrows, spidery eyelashes, and a vampy red lip.

In the final moments of the one-minute preview, we once again witness Kardashian standing with other blondes, adorned in a halter dress with a spiderwebby skirt, and holding a baby while her platinum tresses are worn down.






On X (formerly Twitter), many fans began analyzing her "cringey acting" and "completely different" look. "Kim kardashian on new season of American horror story is going be so cringe im good another pass for me on this show," one wrote as another added: "I cant take her seriously."

Others, however said that they would "give [the show] a chance" and wanted to see how it would "unfold." Social media was also buzzing with screenshots of a tantalizing preview before the trailer dropped.

The first snap featured Kardashian sporting a classic makeup look, with a nude lip and bold eyeshadow. In the subsequent image, she could be seen seated behind a laptop, with her back to expansive windows.

Her outfit was eye-catching too - a cut-out black sweater and a massive necklace. Fans again expressed their shock at her striking appearance, with many stating that she looked "unrecognizable" or "so different." The images were originally shared on a popular Kardashian forum and quickly went viral.

AHS' Instagram page has been providing glimpses of the upcoming horror series all summer, with an apparent focus on pregnancy as the central theme. It is said to be based on Danielle Valentine's novel, Delicate Condition. The trailer that premiered on August 21 featured a eerie version of "Rockabye Baby" playing while a group of white-haired women performed a synchronized dance routine.

This trailer had similarities to the first one released. The lead character, played by Roberts, is expecting a baby and is seen running in terror from women who crawl on walls.

That's all we know for now, and the show will officially premiere in just two weeks!