Is Afterpay scamming millennials and Gen Z?

Afterpay’s marketing is clearly targeted toward younger millennials and Gen Z. It’s consumer-centric, which has been proven to be an effective strategy with millennials and Gen Z. Afterpay’s website also advertises all of the retailers the brand works with — organized by categories. It could not be easier to find whether your favorite retailer has partnered with Afterpay. But what happens if someone misses one of the four installment payments?. In The Know spoke to Ethan Taub, the founder and CEO of Goalry, a company that offers advice for reaching financial goals. Taub believes that companies like Afterpay are taking advantage of the stereotype that millennial and Gen Z shoppers are all about instant gratification. “If you do not pay on time [it] can be a nasty spiral to get out of. If you pay on time, your credit score will not be affected, but if you do not, there can be big consequences”. it’s worth knowing there are safer ways to use Afterpay. Customers should set up their account with a debit card (not a credit card) and set up payment reminders