These Affordable Boots Are Taking Over as Every Celeb's Go-To Pair

Tara Gonzalez
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Celebs are wearing Dr. Martens Instead of Uggs
Celebs are wearing Dr. Martens Instead of Uggs

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While I own a handful of fluffy Ugg slippers and sandals that I love dearly, I must admit, somewhat regrettably, that I don’t own a single pair of Ugg boots. I actually got my dog a pair of Ugg boots (they do that now!) before I thought of buying some for myself. And of course seeing multiple celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez wear a pair in recent weeks has made me want some more than anything. But I’ve also noticed that celebrities have been steadily switching to my favorite boot of all time, and that’s been reassuring, too.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I have yet to succumb to the powerful pull of Ugg season because of my trusty pair of Dr. Martens Jadon boots. Ugg boots are so popular because they’re essentially comfortable slippers made in boot form. They’re perfect to throw on when you have to walk your dog early in the morning or take a stress stroll to the supermarket to buy chocolate. But Dr. Marten boots are what you wear when the world is ending and there’s also maybe a snowstorm happening (so they’re perfect for the beginning of 2021).

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I wear these platform Dr. Martens combat boots multiple times a week, and they have yet to fail me. I put them on to walk my dog, to stress walk on my way to stress eat, and back in the day, to go to parties. They’re perfectly cool and look good with everything, but they’re also durable as hell up against any and all extreme weather conditions. And while I’m not saying they’ll fill the Ugg-shaped hole in your heart, I am saying that they are something you should still buy. Dakota Johnson, Gigi Hadid, Diane Kruger, and every celebrity basically ever, also agree. And steadily, I’ve seen them start to switch up their standard Fluff look for something a little more badass.

It would make sense to see Dr. Martens come out this time of year, as they normally do. It’s getting cold most places, and they’re easy to wear with large cozy socks. Not to mention, their classic combat look has been very “in” for the past couple of years. Basically, you should get a pair for the days when you’re feeling a little bit tougher than your Ugg boots. I guarantee they’ll never disappoint you, which is already more than I can say about this year.

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