The Affordable Beauty Product Bobbi Brown Calls Her 'Signature' as a Makeup Artist

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Bobbi Brown Is 'in Love With' This Beauty ProductRoy Rochlin - Getty Images

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  • Bobbi Brown just revealed the beauty product she’s in love with.

  • The 65-year-old has loved pink blush since she was a kid, and particularly loves Jones Road Beauty’s The Best Blush in Sandy.

  • Brown shares her secret to finding the perfect shade blush for every skin tone.

As one of the beauty industry’s top makeup artists, Bobbi Brown is the ultimate source for product recs—especially those that withstand the test of time. After all, the 65-year-old has decades of experience under her makeup bag, and she can’t deny that she has a few favorite products that are always in her arsenal. The product that she’s had on hand since she was a kid? Blush.

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Brown’s go-to blush is from her brand Jones Road Beauty, of course, which debuted The Best Blush earlier this week. She loves two shades in particular. “I really love Sandy,” she tells Prevention. And another soon-to-be-released shade she loves is Pop. “But I also wear the Pop because I can wear that on top of a bronzer. But either of them I love,” she adds.

In the past she’s touted her favorite root touch-up stick for grays, top makeup tip for women over 45, and so much more. But blush is something that Brown has been experimenting with since she was young, and it’s a product she’ll always turn to, she says.

“I’ve been in love with blushes since I was a kid. I just loved the way it looked. And then as I became a makeup artist it was kind of my signature, pink blush in particular,” Brown tells Prevention.

She adds that on days she doesn’t wear much makeup, you can still find her wearing blush. It’s that essential to her overall look. Plus, who doesn’t want a rosy glow?

But what makes The Best Blush so great? Aside from the fact that it comes from the mind of an industry veteran, its use of squalane—a powerhouse ingredient that helps hydrate the skin, makes it a must-have. “Squalane hydrates with a lighter texture, so it absorbs quickly and doesn’t make the skin look overly greasy,” Debra Jaliman, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in New York City and the author of Skin Rules, previously told Prevention.

The Best Blush is available in five shades that work across skin tones and can even be layered to achieve the hue you’re after. Jones Road Beauty calls it a sheer, buildable powder formula with a clear base that allows for easy application, blending, and layering.

As for how to find your perfect shade, Brown has a trick for that. “When you pinch your cheek, that’s the color it turns. You go more pastel the lighter you are, and you go deeper on darker skin,” she tells Prevention.

And applying it is so simple. “The way to apply it is smile,” she says, and then brush it onto the apple of the cheek. As for what brush to use for application, Jones Road Beauty has a Blush Brush—but your fingers work too, in a pinch.

Shop more of Brown’s go-to makeup and beauty products below.

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