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I have a black thumb, but the AeroGarden lets me keep herbs alive — it's over 50% off for Memorial Day

Owning a proper garden has always been a dream of mine, but I've had a couple of obstacles to contend with. For one, we apartment dwellers don't have the square footage (let alone yardage or acreage) to really strut our botanical stuff. Also: I so much as look at a plant and it dies. But the AeroGarden Harvest has changed my horticultural and culinary life. For Memorial Day, this nifty little device is 52% off — only $80! Take it from me: It'll, um, cultivate your confidence and revolutionize your dinners.

This kit comes with plant food and seed pods for five essential herbs. Just add water!
$80 at Amazon

What do I mean? Simple: fresh herbs can make a huge difference in your cooking game. Even as a novice food prepper, I found that fresh herbs carried much more flavor than the dried ones I found in the supermarket spice aisle. So, since I didn't have a yard, I tried growing herbs in planter boxes. Let's just say they didn't do well. But then, a few months ago, my wife bought me an AeroGarden Harvest for Christmas and, well, I haven't looked back.

Here's how it works: You add water and plant food (included in this deal) to its reservoir, then insert the plant pods in their receptacles. The set comes with pods for mint, parsley, dill, thyme and two types of basil. And that's it! A set of high-powered LED and UV lights blast the plants for a certain amount of time each day, ensuring they get all the "sunlight" they need. The lights don't generate much heat, but it's enough to keep the leaves from growing too cold.

A small blue light on the front of the garden tells you when it's time to water your ingredients-to-be, while another cues you to add plant food. Not only does the Harvest take the guesswork out of gardening, but the plants actually grow faster than via traditional (i.e., messy, dirty, labor-intensive) methods.

Plants may hate me, but they love this smart garden. (Photo: Amazon)
Do you have a dilly of a time growing anything? Is your basil faulty? Would you like to be a newly minted indoor farmer? Get yourself one of these. (Photo: Amazon)

How quickly? Mine managed to reach 12" in around three weeks. And they'll stay alive, like a living, breathing spice rack, for three months. Confession: Mine would have lived longer, but there were a few things I didn't know when I first started out using the garden. First, change the water when the Harvest prompts you to; the pH levels can change, and this will kill your plants.

Another good idea? Invest in a pH monitor. It will save you a lot of guesswork in the end. Even with those two requirements, this is just about the most foolproof method of growing fresh herbs you'll ever come across — and the fact that I can keep something alive in it is proof enough that it works!

And I'm not the only one who's seen their proverbial thumb go from black to green: More than 15,000 people have planted five-star reviews on Amazon's product page. Here's what one said: "My herbs started coming up about two weeks after setting it all up. The dill totally took over and the basil is amazing. It’s super easy to use. Tells you exactly when to give plant food and water."

Another shopper backed this up: "We don't get much sunlight in our home and no plant would ever live through the winter months. So I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend with some herbs, as he loves to cook. Three weeks later and...incredible! We are honestly shocked how easy it was and how quickly the herbs have grown already. He can't wait to cook with them. Highly recommend!"

This is the lowest price I've seen in a while, so don't wait; take advantage of this fantastic deal while you can!

Keep this properly watered and give it plant food every couple of weeks and you'll have a bustling indoor garden in no time.
$80 at Amazon

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