Aerie Just Launched a New Collection of Beautiful and Functional Intimates for People with Disabilities

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Photo credit: Aerie
Photo credit: Aerie

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V important PSA: Aerie has partnered with Liberare, an intimates brand that specializes in beautiful and functional underwear and bras for people with disabilities. The new items have been designed with closures and adjusters friendly for people with limited dexterity and mobility.

The new Aerie x Liberare collection includes the Liberare bra, which features a magnetized interlocking closure instead of a traditional hook-and-eye closure, which can require a high level of dexterity. The bra also features straps that adjust from the front rather than the back. The description notes that it’s limited-dexterity- and hand-mobility-friendly. Plus, it has some chic lace detailing on the back.

The line also includes a plunge bralette that features the same magnetizing interlocking closure and front-strap adjusters. Additionally, Liberare also makes adaptive underwear with Velcro side fasteners or magnetic fasteners that can be put on while seated or lying down.

You can shop the new collection online right now at

In a post announcing the collection, Emma Butler, the founder and CEO of Liberare said, "With Aerie and Liberare coming together, we are fueling the fire of the inclusion revolution … disabled people are beautiful, fashionable, and worthy of radical self-acceptance. Of course, the disabled community already knows this. With our two brands coming together, we’re here to show the fashion industry what it really means to be truly REAL."

In addition to the new Liberare products, Aerie also carries items by Slick Chicks, another company focused on making adaptive intimates for people with disabilities.

Slick Chicks has a wireless zipper bra, which fastens via a front zipper and has adjustable and detachable shoulder straps. They also have an adaptive lounge velcro bra, which has criss-cross panels that fasten at the sides with velcro tabs. The company also makes adaptive underwear with side hook fasteners designed to simplify self-dressing or caregiver dressing assistance. You can also shop these items online at

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