Adorable Pug Trick-or-Treating as a Cowboy Is Totally Irresistible

Git along lil' doggy, we'd give you all the treats.

There is nothing more adorable than seeing all these precious pets dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Pet parents have been going all out dressing up their babies in everything from ghost costumes to macaroni and cheese costumes. Yes, we said what we said, macaroni and cheese. But sometimes we have to wonder what these animals think about wearing costumes. Do they enjoy it? Do they find it annoying? or are they just waiting for the inevitable treat that comes after playing dress up? 

Just look at hysterical little LouLou dressed up as a rootin' tootin' cowboy in the clip that @Pugloulou posted and tell us by LouLou's facial expression that she isn't totally feeling this costume. 

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LOL! We aren't the only people who noticed her whole up and down look, with @TripleSSSart saying, "The way she was looking at me up and down cute!" @Followme added, "The way she was looking up and down was hilarious." @Moxie caught that too and commented "The way it was looking at its suit when he said are you serious?"

LouLou is just beyond hilariously adorable. We are totally with @Mistermumbles who posts, "Loulou, if you showed up to my door, you could have all the candy!"

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