Adorable Labradors Visit Grandma and Get Positively Spoiled in Priceless Video

Ollie the Chocolate Labrador and his puppy brother Tato are two of the cutest guys on TikTok if you ask me, but--somehow--they just got even cuter. Ollie has been blindly selecting special weekend activities from a jar since before Tato joined the family, and it's become a special tradition on his account, @good.boy.ollie. This weekend, though, they got to visit Grandma!

These pups obviously adore their grandma, whom they call 'Nanny Biscuits.' In case you couldn't tell by her nickname, she loves to spoil the good boys! Their special visit was absolutely precious, but we'll let you see for yourself.

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How sweet are they? We adore how Ollie selects a paper from the jar ever-so-gently, but we'd love to see what would happen if they let Tato try making a pick. It just might be chaos!

Luckily for Nanny Biscuits and this Labrador duo's mom, though, they couldn't be better behaved on the way to Grandma's house. They were even walking off-leash for part of the journey! And the best part? They knew that they had to be gentle, good boys around their nanny. How sweet!

According to the Labrador Retriever breed biography from the American Kennel Club, these dogs are friendly, adaptable, and very eager to please. It sure seems like Ollie and Tato fit that description--though in Ollie's case, he was more eager for a dog treat! They've even made peace with Nanny's dog Honey Bun, who sounds like a spicy little dog. Is there anything these dogs can't do?

It made us smile from ear to ear to see the way Ollie loves being with his grandma. He didn't really want to leave, but it looked like she managed to bribe him with a few dollars for a rainy day. That works!

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