Adidas Unveils Futuristic Billboards in Mexico

The old saying goes that your eyes can deceive you. That popular phrase was coined long before the rise of artificial intelligence, deep fake videos, and basically any technology capable of fooling humans was invented.

So, we approach this story with a level of skepticism that would make the "X-Files" character, Dr. Dana Scully, seem like a wide-eyed optimist. With that said, adidas has apparently unveiled some unbelievably realistic billboards in Mexico City.

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The official adidas Mexico Instagram account (@adidasmx) has begun posting videos showing 3-D videos coming to life. Over the past few weeks, the account has posted videos that promote the iconic adidas Superstar sneaker as well as modern running shoes.

The eye-catching marketing campaign was part of the lead-up to the Maratón CDMX Telcel or Mexico City Marathon. Not only was the marathon a success, but adidas grabbed the attention of sneakerheads all over the world.

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We have seen more and more 3-D billboards that shock onlookers, but this might be the most realistic version yet. Adidas has always pioneered performance and lifestyle sneakers, but now the sports apparel giant is taking over billboards, too. Stay tuned to Men's Journal Sneakers for daily footwear updates.

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