Find Out Adele's Net Worth in 2023 and Exactly How She Earned It From '19' Through '30'

Rolling in the dough!

Adele's net worth is like her: In a league of its own.

The mononymous singing superstar has enough trophy gold to make the U.S. Treasury shrivel in shame, and her blockbuster chart success is only bolstered by her mysteriousness relative to other stars of her caliber: We knew she wrote albums like 21 and 25 about past relationships, but we had no idea who the exes she wrote about were. Until somewhat recently, she barely used social media at all (you'll likely never see her doing #sponcon ever).

The chanteuse is also rarely photographed unless it's at an event, and that sense of elusiveness only adds to the allure of Adele and her music. But despite her evasiveness from the tabloids, Adele is also refreshingly honest and candid when she does speak publicly, as well as uproariously funny. She takes her music seriously, but not herself, making her seem incredibly grounded despite her status as one of the highest-selling artists on the planet.

Just how much money has she made through her songs and performances? Keep reading to find out Adele's net worth in 2023, and exactly how she earned it.

How did Adele become famous?

Adele, born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, rose to fame in 2007 with her breakthrough hit "Hometown Glory." She was 19 when it was released—and just 16 when she wrote it.

In January 2008, Adele released her second single, "Chasing Pavements," and her debut album 19. That October, she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live when Sarah Palin appeared on the show, and it was the highest-rated episode ever at the time, clocking in a whopping 17 million viewers.

"It was supposed to be like, a normal show, just me and Josh Brolin—I was the musical guest and he was hosting it. And then we walk in on Saturday and Sarah Palin was there," Adele once recalled. "We were like, 'Oh God!' And it ended up being a huge show, and literally overnight—like, whenever I've heard that saying, 'overnight success,' I was like, 'Yeah whatever, they probably worked for it.' And it was overnight, completely overnight! I was chuffed at that."

What Adele's net worth in 2023?

Adele is worth an estimated $220 million.

Is Adele a billionaire?

Sorry, not even close! Adele is $780 million away from being a billionaire.

How old is Adele?

Born May 5, 1988, Adele is 34 years old.

When did Adele get divorced?

Adele and ex-husband Simon Konecki split in 2019, shocking the world—and, to a degree, even the couple themselves, because Adele was intent on sticking it out.

"I've been obsessed with a nuclear family because I never came from one," she revealed in a sitdown with Oprah Winfrey in November 2021. "I take marriage very seriously. It seems like—I don't know, almost like I disrespected it by getting married and divorced so quickly. I'm just embarrassed that I didn't make my marriage work… I'm still not fully over it; me choosing to dismantle my child's life for my own makes me very uncomfortable."

Thankfully, the divorce won't cost her much: According to The Associated Press, Konecki will get neither child support nor spousal support from the singer, and the exes will share custody of their son, Angelo. The family has also managed to maintain a lifestyle rather close to nuclear, as exes Adele and Konecki live across the street from one another in L.A. while co-parenting their son.

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What is Adele's bestselling song?

So far, Adele's bestselling song is "Rolling In the Deep." The first single from her sophomore album 21, "Rolling In the Deep" has sold a total of more than 20.6 million copies globally and is, to date, the bestselling digital single of all time.

Which Adele album sold the most?

So far, Adele's 21 is her biggest seller, moving 31 million copies worldwide. She maintained a healthy attitude about her success and didn't put pressure on herself to match its stratospheric success with subsequent efforts.

"I don't think I'll feel the pressure for the next album to be as big as the last one because I know that's not really possible," she told NRJ Radio (via MTV News) in April 2012. "What's happened with this album is very rare anyway."

How many records did Adele 21 sell?

Adele's sophomore album, 21, sold a total of 31 million copies worldwide (and counting!) It was the best-selling album of the 21st century so far and one of the best-selling albums ever.

How many copies did 25 sell?

Adele's third album, 25, sold 22 million copies around the world.

How many Adele songs are there?

From all of her albums (including bonus tracks and foreign editions, but not live tracks), Adele has 58 songs.

What songs did Adele write for artists?

Adele co-wrote the song "Alive" with Sia and Tobias Jesso Jr. It was originally slated to appear on her 25 album, but she ultimately decided against it and gave Sia her blessing to include it on her own 2016 album This Is Acting.

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What Adele songs are covers?

"Make You Feel My Love" from 19 is a cover of a Bob Dylan classic.

A foreign edition bonus track includes "That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On," originally recorded by Sam Cooke.

"Lovesong" off of 21 is a cover of the classic tune by The Cure.

"If It Hadn't Been for Love," a bonus track on some foreign editions, is a cover of a tune by The SteelDrivers; their former frontman Chris Stapleton penned the song with Mike Henderson.

"Hiding My Heart" was originally recorded by Brandi Carlile.

One particular deluxe edition features a duet of "Need You Now" with Darius Rucker, originally recorded by Lady Antebellum.

How many awards has Adele won in total?

Adele basically has entire mines worth of gold and platinum in awards. She has a total of 136 awards, including one Oscar and one Golden Globe (both for "Skyfall," her song from the James Bond movie of the same name), 18 Billboard Music Awards, 16 Grammys, five American Music Awards, and more. See all of her wins (so far!) below:

Adele's Academy Awards

  • Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Skyfall" (2013)

Adele's American Music Awards

  • Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist (2011)

  • Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist (2011)

  • Favorite Pop/Rock Album (21) (2011)

  • Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist (2012)

  • Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist (2016)

Adele's AMI Independent Music Awards

  • Most Played Independent Act (2011)

  • Best "Difficult" Second Album (21) (2011)

  • Most Played Independent Act (2012)

  • Independent Track of the Year ("Hello") (2016)

Adele's APRA Music Award

  • International Work of the Year ("Hello") (2017)

Adele's Arquiva Commercial Radio Award

  • Most Played Artist on U.K. Radio (2012)

Adele's Bravo Otto Award

  • Super Singer Female (Silver) (2011)

Adele's BBC Sound Of... Award

  • BBC Sound of 2008

Adele's BBC Music Awards

  • British Artist of the Year (2015)

  • BBC Live Performance of the Year (2015)

  • BBC Radio 2 Album of the Year (25) (2016)

  • BBC Radio 2 Song of the Year ("Hello") (2016)

Adele's BBC Radio 1 Teen Award

  • Best British Solo Artist (2016)

Adele's Billboard Music Awards

  • Top Artist (2012)

  • Top Female Artist (2012)

  • Top Billboard 200 Artist (2012)

  • Top Hot 100 Artist (2012)

  • Top Radio Songs Artist (2012)

  • Top Digital Songs Artist (2012)

  • Top Digital Media Artist (2012)

  • Top Pop Artist (2012)

  • Top Streaming Song ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Top Alternative Song ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Top Pop Album (21) (2012)

  • Top Artist (2016)

  • Top Female Artist (2016)

  • Top Billboard 200 Artist (2016)

  • Top Billboard 200 Album (25) (2016)

  • Top Selling Song ("Hello") (2016)

Adele's Primetime Emmy Award

  • Outstanding Variety Special (prerecorded) (2022)

Adele's Billboard Touring Award

  • Breakthrough Award (2016)

Adele's BMI Film & TV Award

  • "Skyfall" (2013)

Adele's BMI London Awards

  • Award-Winning Song ("Chasing Pavements") (2009)

  • Award-Winning Song ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Award-Winning Song ("Someone Like You") (2012)

  • Award-Winning Song ("Set Fire to the Rain") (2012)

  • Song of the Year ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Academy Award ("Skyfall") (2013)

  • Pop Song Award ("Skyfall") (2013)

  • Pop Song Award ("Rumour Has It") (2013)

  • Pop Song Award ("Hello") (2016)

  • Million Performance Song (4 Million) ("Rolling In the Deep") (2016)

Adele's BMI Pop Awards

  • Award-Winning Song ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Award-Winning Song ("Rumour Has It") (2013)

  • Award-Winning Song ("Someone Like You") (2013)

  • Award-Winning Song ("Set Fire to the Rain") (2013)

Adele's Brit Awards

  • Critics' Choice (2008)

  • British Female Solo Artist (2012)

  • British Album of the Year (21) (2012)

  • British Single of the Year ("Skyfall") (2013)

  • British Female Solo Artist (2016)

  • Global Success Award (2016)

  • British Album of the Year (25) (2016)

  • British Single of the Year ("Hello") (2016)

  • Global Success of the Year (2017)

  • British Artist of the Year (2022)

  • Album of the Year (2022)

  • Song of the Year (2022)

Adele's BT Digital Music Award

  • Best Independent Artist or Group (2011)

Adele's Critics' Choice Movie Award

  • Best Song ("Skyfall") (2013)

Adele's Danish Music Award

  • International Album of the Year (21) (2011)

Adele's ECHO Music Award

  • Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist (2011)

  • Album of the Year (21) (2011)

  • Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist (2016)

Adele's Edinburgh TV Award

  • TV Moment of the Year Award (rapping to Nicki Minaj's "Monster" on Carpool Karaoke) (2016)

Adele's European Border Breaker Awards

  • Best Album (19) (2009)

Adele's Fryderyk Awards

  • International Album (21) (2012)

Adele's GAFFA Awards

  • Best Foreign Female Act (2011)

  • Best Foreign Album (21) (2011)

  • Best Foreign Song ("Someone Like You") (2011)

  • Best Foreign Female Act (2015)

  • Best Foreign Album (25) (2015)

  • International Soloist of the Year (2022)

Adele's Glamour Women of the Year Awards

  • U.K. Solo Artist of the Year (2009)

  • U.K. Solo Artist of the Year (2011)

Adele's Golden Globes

  • Best Original Song — Motion Picture ("Skyfall") (2013)

Adele's Grammis Awards

  • Best International Album (21) (2012)

Adele's Grammys

  • Best New Artist (2009)

  • Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("Chasing Pavements") (2009)

  • Album of the Year (21) (2012)

  • Best Pop Vocal Album (21) (2012)

  • Record of the Year ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Song of the Year ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Best Short Form Music Video ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Best Pop Solo Performance ("Someone Like You") (2012)

  • Best Pop Solo Performance ("Set Fire to the Rain" Live From the Royal Albert Hall) (2013)

  • Best Song Written for Visual Media ("Skyfall") (2014)

  • Album of the Year (25) (2017)

  • Best Pop Vocal Album (25) (2017)

  • Best Pop Solo Performance ("Hello") (2017)

  • Song of the Year ("Hello") (2017)

  • Record of the Year ("Hello") (2017)

  • Best Pop Solo Performance ("Easy On Me") (2023)

Adele's Houston Film Critics Society Awards

  • Best Original Song ("Skyfall") (2013)

Adele's IDPI Global Recording Artist Awards

  • Global Recording Artist of 2015

Adele's iHeartRadio Music Awards

  • Song of the Year ("Hello") (2016)

  • Female Artist of the Year (2017)

  • Pop Album of the Year (25)

Adele's Independent Music Companies Association Awards

  • European Independent Album of the Year

Adele's Ivor Novello Awards

  • Songwriter of the Year (2012)

  • PRS for Music Most Performed Work ("Rolling In the Deep") (2012)

  • Songwriter of the Year (2016)

Adele's Juno Awards

  • International Album of the Year (21) (2011)

  • International Album of the Year (25) (2016)

Adele's Los Premios 40 Principales

  • Best International Song ("Someone Like You") (2012)

Adele's MOBO Awards

  • Best U.K. R&B/Soul Act (2011)

Adele's Music Business Association Awards

  • Artist of the Year (2017)

Adele's MTV Europe Music Awards

  • Best U.K. & Ireland Act (2008)

Adele's MTV Video Music Awards

  • Best Art Direction ("Rolling In the Deep") (2011)

  • Best Editing ("Rolling In the Deep") (2011)

  • Best Cinematography ("Rolling In the Deep") (2011)

Adele's NRJ Music Awards

  • International Breakthrough of the Year (2012)

  • International Song of the Year ("Someone Like You") (2012)

  • NRJ Artist of Honor (2015)

Adele's NME Awards

  • Best Festival Headliner (2017)

Adele's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

  • Favorite Song of the Year ("Hello") (2016)

Adele's Nickelodeon United Kingdom Kids' Choice Awards

  • Best U.K. Female (2012)

  • Best U.K. Female (2013)

Adele's Pollstar Awards

  • Major Tour of the Year (2016)

Adele's Premios Juventud Awards

  • Favorite Hitmaker (2013)

  • Favorite Hit ("Hello") (2016)

Adele's Premios Oye! Awards

  • Álbum en inglés (21) (2012)

  • Álbum en inglés (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) (2013)

Adele's Q Awards

  • Best Female Artist (2008)

  • Best Track ("Rolling In the Deep") (2011)

Adele's Shorty Awards

  • Arts & Entertainment: Musician (2016)

Adele's Space Shower Music Awards

  • Best International Artist (2016)

Adele's U.K. Music Video Awards

  • Best Pop Video ("Rolling In the Deep") (2011)

  • Best Cinematography in a Video ("Rolling In the Deep") (2011)

Adele's Urban Music Awards

  • Best Jazz Act (2008)

Adele's World Soundtrack Awards

  • Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film ("Skyfall") (2013)

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How much did Adele make for "Someone Like You?"

Adele's exact payday for "Someone Like You" isn't publicly known, but the sales figures for the song are, and they're massive: She sold 17 million copies of the song, making it one of the best-selling singles of the century and the third-most downloaded song of all time in the U.K.

Where is Adele from originally?

Adele was born in London's Tottingham district. After her parents split when she was two years old, she and her mother moved to London's Brixton district, then to West Norwood in south London. Her hit "Hometown Glory" was about growing up in West Norwood.

In a 2015 BBC special, Adele explored her hometown once more, revealing that she spent a great deal of time in Brockwell Park in south London, which inspired her hit "A Million Years Ago."

“It’s kind of a story about … I drove past Brockwell Park, which is a park in South London I used to live by. It's where I spent a lot of my youth. It has quite monumental moments of my life that I've spent there, and I drove past it and I just literally burst into tears," she said (via Billboard). "I really missed it, for no other reason than we’ve all got different things going on and it's got nothing to do with me not feeling like I can't go and sit in there and drink a bottle of cider anymore… it's more that life happens, so I've got no one to meet there. That's basically what it is—and it's just sort of about that, and about [how] I never realized that this was going to happen. I never, ever realized when I had my guitar in the park, singing to my friends… we never in a million years thought this would ever happen."

What is Adele's accent?

Adele has a North London accent.

Is 25 Adele's last album?

Nope! Her latest effort, 30, dropped Nov. 19, 2021.

Why are Adele's albums numbers?

Adele named her first four albums after the ages she was when she wrote them: 19, 21, 25, and 30.

She said of 30 in a 2021 interview (via Metro), "I think this will be my last age one. I'm sure I'm wrong with this, but I feel there's been a massive change in me in the last couple of years. I think the next one will probably be called Adele. It will be, I'm not joking."

She also noted that she has never been the same age as her album titles when they were actually released.

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Is Adele touring anymore?

Adele isn't touring but her Weekends with Adele residency at the Colosseum rescheduled concerts are the hottest tickets in Las Vegas.

How much did Adele make from 21?

According to Rolling Stone, Adele earned her record label, XL Records, a record $67 million in profits for 21. It's unclear how much of that went to Adele herself, but even if she had a very small cut, it's likely she made big bucks for the blockbuster album.

How much did Adele make from the 25 tour?

Adele personally pocketed a cool $56 million for her 25 World Tour. She made $70 million for her touring company, Remedy Touring LLP.

How much did Adele make from "Skyfall?"

Adele reportedly earned more than $19 million the year "Skyfall" was released, but it's unclear how much of that was from the James Bond theme, because those figures also include her royalties from previous releases, as well as songwriting income.

Despite—and because of—the song's success (she nabbed a Golden Globe and an Oscar for it), Adele doesn't want to do another Bond theme.

"I would never do it again because it went so well and I would never want to jinx it," she admitted. "After 21 I was like, 'Why did I want to ruin things?' Then I heard it was [the 23rd Bond film] and I was 23, and it felt a little like fate." She added, "Having an Oscar is amazing. The statue is really heavy, and now when anyone comes round my house the first thing they say is not, 'How are you?' It's always, 'Can I see your Oscar?'"

How much did Adele make in 2020?

Despite not releasing any new material nor touring at all in 2020, Adele still raked in an estimated $10 million.

How much did Adele make in 2021?

Adele is estimated to have made $20 million in 2021.

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