Adele Is Postponing Her Las Vegas Residency On 'Doctor’s Orders'

Adele Is Postponing Her Las Vegas Residency On 'Doctor’s Orders'
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  • Adele is postponing her Las Vegas residency shows in March due to an ongoing illness.

  • She announced on Tuesday that she was on “doctor’s orders” to “rest thoroughly.”

  • The singer also told the audience at one of her shows that she was going on vocal rest.

On Tuesday, Adele announced that she was postponing some of her Las Vegas residency shows to help her voice and body recover.

“Sadly I have to take a beat and pause my Vegas residency,” the 35-year-old singer wrote on Instagram. "I was sick at the end of the last leg and all the way through my break.”

Because of this ongoing illness, Adele said that she hadn’t “quite gotten the chance to get back to full health before shows resumed” and she is now “sick again.”

The "Hello" singer didn't share details about her exact health situation, but she did note that her illness “has taken a toll on my voice.”

Adele added that she’s on “doctor’s orders” to “rest thoroughly,” which is why she’s postponing her shows in March. (She noted that the details of rescheduling are already being worked out.) “I love you, I’ll miss you like mad and I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” she captioned her post.

The comments of Adele’s post were largely supportive. “You been going HARD AF for 35 PLUS WEEKS.!!!!!,” wrote one fan. “Please REST your body & vocal cords.” Another chimed in with, “That angel voice has to be recovered, take care of yourself. ❤️”

While Adele didn’t say that she’s on vocal rest in her Instagram post, she heavily suggested it. The "Easy On Me" singer also reportedly told the audience during a recent show that she needed vocal rest. "In the middle of last night—I'm sure you can hear it in my talking voice and my singing voice a little bit—your girl was tired,” she said, per the Daily Mail. “I didn't sleep very well... and Ursula from the ocean has come from my chest tonight. I can't hit my headnotes properly. I didn't sleep very well and my chest is on fire....”

During that performance, Adele said she was going on vocal rest for three days, joking, “Can you imagine how hard now me not talking for three days is?”

Vocal rest, in case you're not familiar with it, is usually used to help singers recover from an illness or vocal cord injury, according to the University of Iowa. There’s no established standard protocol, but it could mean doing your best to avoid talking or speaking in a soft whisper.

Drinking plenty of water, resting your voice throughout the day, using a humidifier, and avoiding and limiting the use of certain medications, like cold and allergy medications, can also help support a healthy voice, says the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Feel better, Adele!

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