Addison Rae's Toned AF Abs In A Workout Bra And Booty Shorts Are Everything

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  • Addison Rae is all in on her Pilates classes this summer, and she's got the abs and toned legs to prove it.

  • The actress and singer was spotted in a workout bra top and booty shorts leaving one of her sweat seshes this week, and she was all sculpted abs in the photos.

  • Addison enjoys working out with friends and has even done a butt workout video with Kourtney Kardashian.

Addison Rae loves a good Pilates class, and she has been hitting up a ton of classes lately. Back on July 15, the "Obsessed" singer, 21, was snapped leaving a Pilates class, and then she was spotted in West Hollywood walking into a Pilates studio on July, The Daily Mail reported.

And yesterday, the 21-year-old singer and actress was at it again. She was spotted leaving a Pilates studio in Los Angeles, and the paparazzi caught her showing off her super strong core and toned legs.

Addison had thrown on a black sports bra, maroon booty shorts, and white socks and sneakers. (She was also joined by her boyfriend, Omer Fedi.) The whole thing was just goals all around.

Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images
Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images

Pilates is a great workout if you want to try something that is low-impact, good for your joints, but still get your heart rate up. The practice focuses mostly on core strength and stability through small, controlled movements. But it's generally more fast-paced than yoga is.

Besides Pilates, Addison is also a big yogi. And she specifically loves hot yoga. Earlier this week, she was photographed leaving a hot yoga class (in super cute high-waisted biker shorts, sports bra and slides), according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

She is big on sweat seshes with friends, and got in a booty workout with her bestie Kourtney Kardashian back in 2020. Addison taught Kourtney her 6-minute booty blasting workout, which consists moves including fire hydrants on each side, donkey kicks, and fire hydrant extensions.

She also gets active outdoors, and hits the ocean for some surfing, which can work basically all your muscles at the same time.

While Addison hasn't shared a ton about the specifics of her diet and nutrition, she does post plenty of pics to her IG that give us some hints. For starters: she definitely seems to like fruit, and shared a snap of an amazing fruit tray during a recent trip to the Bahamas on Instagram.

She looks like she enjoys Mediterranean food, and posted a snap of herself digging into a feast of hummus, pita, chicken and veggies on Instagram back in October 2021.

And she also, like all of us, enjoys a little something sweet to satisfy her sweet tooth. Here she is enjoying a scoop of ice cream.

So yummy, Addison!

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