Addison Rae Finally Clears Up Those Rumors That She Bailed Bryce Hall Out of Jail in May

Carolyn Twersky
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If you're like me, May 2020 feels like years ago. I mean, we've lived a million lives since then! So, when Addison Rae brought up some drama from May on Wednesday, you may have had to do a refresher about what she was talking about.

Last night, Addison shared a TikTok where she played the game Two Truths and a Lie. She shared three facts before revealing which one was false. For Addison, those three facts were, "I had a 1D fanpage when I was 11," "I bailed Bryce out of jail," and "I paid my grandparents' house off."

As a reminder, back in May (which, again, was less than a year ago), Bryce got arrested along with Jaden Hossler in Texas for drug possession. At the time, there was a lot of rumors swirling around the incident, but the biggest one was probably that Addison bailed Bryce out of jail, paying the reported $5,000 fee.

Despite rumors, Addison and Bryce were not together during this time, but many believed that they were still friends and she was simply helping him out. Now, months later, Addison is finally coming clean about the situation. In her video, she revealed that she did not bail out Bryce, making the other two statements the truths.

As for who did bail out Bryce on that fateful day, it seems like we may have an answer to that as well. When TikTokRoom posted Addison's video on their account, Blake Gray, a fellow Sway House member commented, "Yeah I wonder who actually bailed Bryce and Jaden out馃挭馃徏 馃槑."

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

So, I guess we can assume Blake, and maybe some other Sway Boys bailed out the boys in May. Glad we were finally able to clear all of that up. Now, let's move on to the fact that Addison is a Directioner...

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