Addison Rae deletes TikTok after being accused of 'simping'

Addison Rae, a TikTok star with a cool 70 million followers, recently shared a romantic video of her boyfriend Bryce Hall. The couple officially got back together in October after months of speculation. However, it seems like Rae still didn’t want to be seen as a “simp” just yet. The video, which she shared on Nov. 28, was part of the “Oh no I hope I don’t fall” TikTok trend. The audio, which comes from a clip of Tyler, the Creator joking before sliding down a set of carpeted steps, went viral recently. TikTokers are using it to show off the people they have “fallen” for. After she received negative comments on the video, Rae made her version private shortly after posting it. “She’s happy. don’t hate on her for being happy,” one user wrote. “Uhhh I think someone is simping,” another said. “You’re putting us through pain with this TikTok,” a third commented. Her potential embarrassment didn’t last for long, though. She made the video public again on Nov. 30