Add Starbucks' Matcha Cold Foam For A Unique Touch Of Flavor In Your Next Coffee

Starbucks coffee with matcha foam
Starbucks coffee with matcha foam - Leeyakorn06/Shutterstock

The Starbucks menu is brimming with fun, new cold foam flavors these days, and it's not hard to see why. Adding one of these cloud-like concoctions on top of your drink gives it a burst of sweet, frothy goodness in your first sip, which almost entirely masks the bitterness of the coffee underneath. But while you could opt for a straightforwardly sweet cold foam like vanilla or caramel brulée, why not switch things up and try a matcha version for a more complex flavor?

On its own, matcha has a lightly earthy flavor, although Starbucks pumps additional sweetness into its cold foam creations. While you'll still get that sugary rush you'd expect from other varieties, you'll also get herby notes that balance out the creaminess and add complexity to the coffee's acidity. Plus, unlike other frothy flavors, matcha contains caffeine — between 38 and 176 milligrams in a ½ to 1 teaspoon serving, to be exact. So, in addition to a yummy topping for your drink, you'll also get an extra boost of energy to carry you through your day.

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How To Add Matcha Cold Foam To A Starbucks Coffee

starbucks counter
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You could try adding Starbucks' matcha cold foam to any chilled coffee drink you like, but there are a few flavor combinations that may work better than others. To focus your tastebuds primarily on the matcha and java flavors, start off with something simple like a regular cold brew, nitro cold brew, iced Americano, or iced espresso. These beverages all typically contain either java and ice, or just the brew itself, and you can add a matcha cold foam to all of them.

If you need a little more creaminess or sweetness than what the matcha froth alone can provide — or if you want to experiment with different flavor combinations — feel free to add something else to your cold coffee. Vanilla and caramel pair well with matcha, and you can incorporate these into your drink in the form of syrup, caramel brulée sauce, a caramel sauce cup lining, or vanilla sweet cream. Cinnamon is often a staple in matcha lattes, so you may also want to try cinnamon dolce syrup, cinnamon caramel syrup, or a cinnamon powder topping. To take things in a more tropical direction, go for a splash of coconut milk. The possibilities are endless, but as long as you start with a coffee and matcha cold foam base, you'll have a unique and delicious drink packed full of caffeine.

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