Add Oreos To Your Next Batch Of Brownies For A Sweet Spin On Dessert

Oreo cookies, melted chocolate, and homemade brownies
Oreo cookies, melted chocolate, and homemade brownies - Sedanin Studyosu/Shutterstock

A quick trip down to the bakery will get you some brownies in a flash, but it's the homemade ones that reign supreme. Brownies that have been lovingly concocted right in the comfort of your kitchen are unparalleled. Beyond that, when baking brownies from scratch, you're also free to try out different variations to perfectly cater to your palate. Maybe the usual chocolatey, dark sweetness isn't enough, and you're yearning for a deeply saccharine taste. Luckily, the solution can easily be found in a box of Oreos.

This flavor dynamic is as explosive as you'd expect. You've got the brownies' rich, decadent taste, laced with the Oreo cookies' distinct cocoa sweetness and milky hints. If you opt for other flavors of Oreos, there may even be a minty undertone or touches of strawberry, peanut butter, etc. as well.

A bonus that makes this addition all the more delightful is the crumbliness the Oreos bring to the party. While the brownies' pillowy texture is already satisfying, it'll only get better when you're biting into all that richness and feel the little cookie crunches. It's an exhilarating contrast that may not seem like much at first but makes a world of difference the more you eat.

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Endless Ways To Get Creative With One Additional Ingredient

A closeup shot of homemade Oreo brownies
A closeup shot of homemade Oreo brownies - Rob Hainer/Shutterstock

There are quite a few ways to incorporate Oreos into your brownies. Depending on how large your brownie batch is, you'll need around 10 to 25 Oreos. You can keep them as they are, no need to scrape out the cream. Simply layer them in between the batter, lay them all over the surface, or better yet, do both! What comes out of the oven is a gorgeous batch of brownies speckled with Oreo cookies.

Don't like biting into whole cookies? Another way is to break the Oreos into smaller pieces, and then put them straight into the brownie batter as you're mixing it. You can also sprinkle some of them onto the surface, much like you would with the whole cookies. If you're making a frosting as well, finish things off on a high note by crumbling the Oreo pieces on top for a stellar presentation.

This fun and exciting twist not only works with brownies but also with various other spin-offs. For ultrarich flavors laced with creamy tanginess, give Oreo cheesecake brownies a try. When you're serving a bigger crowd, however, make a brownie trifle or a brownie layered cake with sprinkles of Oreo. They'll steal the show the minute they leave the kitchen.

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