Adam Sandler Reads Hilarious Acceptance Speech Written by His Daughters at Gotham Awards

The speech brought down the house, to be honest.

Adam Sandler allowed his daughters to write his 2022 Gotham Awards acceptance speech, and let's just say, they definitely inherited the comedic gene.

On Monday night, the 32nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards took place in New York, where the actor was honored with a Performer Tribute for his role in Netflix basketball drama, Hustle.

“I told my daughters Sadie and Sunny, who are 16 and 14, that I didn’t write a speech and they said phrases like, ‘Rude’ and ‘You’re mean,'” Sandler opened. “Daddy’s f-----g tired. Daddy works hard, calm down. They were like, ‘Can we write your speech, Daddy? So you got something to say.’ I said, absolutely.”

Sandler's daughters requested he give the speech in the southern accent that he has often adopted for formal speeches, to which he obliged. “Dear well-dressed dignitaries, highly educated hipsters and various other plus-ones of the Gotham Awards, thank you for giving our daddy, Mr. Adam Sandler, this prestigious lifetime, all-time, primetime G.O.A.T. achievement tribute award,” he began.

Whether the Click actor's daughters truly penned the full note, or that was also just a joke in itself, is unknown, however, the speech went on as Sandler poked fun at himself through the eyes of his children, giving the audience a peek into the dynamic of the Sandler household.

“While daddy is with you tonight, we’re doing everything we’re not allowed to do when daddy is home, like eat his Yodels or try on his Spanx or, dare we say, laugh out loud at Ben Stiller movies,” he joked. “The last time daddy caught us chuckling away at the ‘Meet the Parents’ trilogy, he immediately stormed into the room he calls ‘The Screaming Room,’ which we just call ‘the shower,’ and bellowed out the phrase, ‘Only the Sandman makes people laugh. F--k every other comedian.'”

He then pointed to some of his accolades—mentioning "comedic classics" Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and The Waterboy—giving himself props for some of his past work, while hilariously suggesting that 1999 blockbuster film Big Daddy paid for his and his families' homes, as well as his daughters' braces.

Sandler went on with his presentation, amusingly mentioning that his films were not only "met with orgasmic critical acclaim," but also "left audiences baffled as they pondered the mystery, 'How did Bobby Boucher get all up in my feelings and make me laugh, cry, and sprint directly to church to ask God why he had blessed one man with more talent than the entire cast of The Poseidon Adventure and Mamma Mia! combined?'"

In closing, he wrapped his crowd-pleasing monologue with this heartfelt sentiment (presumably via the minds of his daughters, of course) before pointing into the crowd at his wife, Jackie: "Thank you, mommy, for putting up with daddy and his crazy f-----g mood swings all these years. Now that, truly, is a feat deserving of a lifetime achievement award. Love ya, mama."

Watch the full speech below to catch a laugh or two for yourself.

Among other award recipients of the evening were actress Michelle Williams, filmmaker Gina Prince-Bythewood, Audible founder Don Katz, the cast of Hulu's Fire Island, and actor/director Sidney Poitier, who was honored with the Icon Tribute.

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