Our Absolute Favorite Items from Costco That Make the Membership Worth It

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It's no secret people are obsessed with shopping at Costco, and our team here at Better Homes & Gardens is no exception. The membership-based wholesale chain that first took shape in the '80s is not just for business owners, but beneficial to small and large families alike. Its house brand, Kirkland, offers a variety of affordable food and household items that has collected quite the fan base over the years. But that's not the only brand of items that makes shopping at Costco budget-friendly. Here we've gathered a list of some of our most favorite items that are too good to pass up on trips to the popular retailer.

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1. Sous-Vide Egg Bites

When our digital senior associate home editor Caitlin Sole was still working in the office, these sous-vide egg bites (the three cheese and turkey sausage variety, in particular) were an easy way to enjoy a hot meal while running tight on time. Each pack of two takes just one minute to microwave and "rivals the beloved Starbucks version," according to Sole.

2. Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Block

Cheese fans adore the affordable selection offered at Costco, and digital senior food editor Sheena Chihak is a big fan. "Based on the amount of cheese we go through in our house you'd think about seven people live in it," she says. "Our family is actually less than half of that, but we love our cheese, especially sharp cheddar cheese, and Tillamook's sharp cheddar to be more precise." Chihak enjoys shredding it to top chili and casseroles as well as slicing it for sandwiches and snacking. "Our fridge is never without this staple."

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