This abandoned family home is a 1980s time capsule, and TikTok is in awe: ‘So eerie’

An urban explorer recently came across a completely abandoned family home — and now, the untouched 1980s interior is not only giving people the heebie-jeebies, it’s going viral.

TikTok and YouTube creator @urbexventures gained over 2.8 million views, 422,000 likes and 1,700 comments when they uploaded the shocking time capsule to their account.

This isn’t the first time an untouched blast from the past has gone viral. Last year, a completely untouched 1990s Target Cafe was discovered and made waves online — and before that, a 108-year-old farmhouse’s attic discovery left people covered in goosebumps.

But @urbexventures‘ viral TikTok is unique in that it begs the questions: Who was the family that used to live here, and why did they completely abandon their home?

Like the 1990s JCPenney’s catalog that shocked Gen Zers with its retro fashion, @urbexventures‘ video provides a slice of life that might not look familiar to the youth of today.

From the old cassette and VHS tapes to the clunky TV set, the house is filled with technological wonders from the past — including a sewing machine that looks to be frozen right in the middle of a mending job.

“This is so eerie.. why did they have to drop everything and leave in such a hurry?” TikTok user @therealsumza wondered in the commented.

“the sewing machine is so eerie to me, like she got up to do something and never came back,” wrote @ohbrileyautoparts.

“Am I the only one getting stranger things vibes from it?” asked @ambersarofian07.

But this isn’t the only untouched time capsule house @urbexventures has discovered and documented. Earlier in the month, they came across a deserted 1960s home that they referred to as “an abandoned beauty.”

Thanks to social media and travel shows — like Discovery Channel’s Urban Explorers and Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures — urbex, or “urban exploration,” has gained popularity in recent years.

But according to Urbex Underground, urban exploring is a dangerous hobby that shouldn’t be taken up lightly. “Dangers could include drowning from flash floods, falling through structures, tetanus, leeches, ticks, suffocation, getting robbed, radiation poisoning, asbestos, chemical inhalation” — and the list goes on.

Urban exploring also comes with its own set of moral codes, such as, “Take nothing that will be missed, leave nothing that will be noticed,” and, “Keep vulnerable locations private.”

“If a place feels like a time capsule, or it’s filled with antiques and rich with history, keep it to yourself,” Urbex Underground writes. “It may be tempting to post the locations online, or tag the coordinates in your photos, but this can lead to places being vandalized, or completely burned down.”

Hopefully, @urbexventures continues to share their adventures and discoveries — while staying safe and respecting the properties they come across.

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