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A mop for your ... walls? Yes, this viral invention exists, and it's down to $40

Grab this popular wall mop while it's on sale at Amazon.

Gearing up for some spring cleaning? If so, you've probably got all of the usual suspects covered, like decluttering your cabinets, scrubbing gunk off your grout ... but what about your walls? No, you don't have to spot-treat each smudge with a Magic Eraser — just wipe everything down with a wall mop! Yes, you read that correctly: The extendable Chomp CleanWalls Tool has taken social media by storm, thanks to its ability to get into corners and the fact that it comes with reusable heads. It also happens to be on sale for $40 (down from $50) at Amazon.

Those mystery fingerprints aren't gonna clean themselves! That said, this handy gadget will wipe 'em away in no time. 

$40 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

According to our price trackers, this cleaning gizmo hasn't dipped any lower since last June, so if your walls could use some love, now would be a smart time to buy. Plus, you won't have to spend money on replacement heads every time you use it, since the pair it comes with are washable.

Why do I need this?

Clocking in at less than 1.5 pounds, the Chomp CleanWalls Tool is lightweight, yet extends as much as five feet to reach those hard-to-reach areas in your home with less strain. It also comes with two heads — one wet mitt and one dry — for targeting everything from stains and grime to dust. We love a versatile cleaning gadget!

To use, just spritz some household cleaner onto your mitt (FYI, the brand has its own wall cleaner spray, sold separately). Then, go to town on those unsightly marks and dust bunnies. The head's unique teardrop shape easily slides into corners and the grooves of molding and baseboards for a more thorough cleaning. Want to see it in action? Check out this TikTok, which shows it removing years' worth of orange stains from a smoker's house.

When it's time to clean the heads, just toss them into the washer so they can be used again — take that, Swiffer!

the yellow and blue, teardrop-shaped wall mop being used to clean the upper corner of a room
When was the last time you cleaned those hard-to-reach corners? Yeah, that's what we thought. Let this extendable wall mop do the dirty work! (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Need more convincing that the Chomp CleanWalls Tool belongs in your cart? Here's what some of its 5,200 (and counting) five-star fans have to say.

"I saw this product on social media and had to have it!" exclaimed an enthusiastic user. "It saves my back and I clean my walls a lot more now! No cobwebs in my house! [It] works great at getting in all the corners of my rooms. I only have 8-foot ceilings, but it keeps me from reaching or getting on a ladder to clean my walls!"

"Major time-saver!" raved another impressed shopper. "I have OCD and it takes me forever to wipe down my walls. I usually use a Magic Eraser. This device decreases my cleaning time by 90%. I can have a wall done in seconds. Not only does it cover a lot of surface area, but it reaches every crevice!"

"I love how it works, just have to find a place to keep it when not being used," wrote a final fan. "Trying to make housework easier and faster, but I’m collecting a lot of tools I don’t have room for." (Keep scrolling for a solution!)

Thank your step stool for its service, but let it know it probably won't be needed this year.

$40 at Amazon

Rather than shoving all of your brooms (and new favorite wall cleaner) into a crammed closet, keep 'em neat and out of the way with this wall-mounted holder:

This top-seller has five slots for handled objects, as well as six hooks for holding dust pans, scrubbers and more. 

"Such a space-saver!" exclaimed one happy customer. "My house is small with very little storage, so I need to find creative ways to make storage. This device is great at organizing brooms, Swiffer WetJets and many other things neatly so they’re not all jumbled in a corner falling over each other."

$10 at Amazon

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