A Dance Club Is Banning ‘Deplorable’ Dresses

Leah Prinzivalli
(Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)

Teens are taking a nightclub to task after owners attempted to put in place a dress code asking women to “keep it neat and discreet” due to the “deplorable dresses” at the last event.

A representative for the Fusion Ball Kilkenny in Southern Ireland shared on Facebook a strongly worded post asking for “knee length dresses with NO PLUNGING NECKLINE.” It went a step further with photos of dresses from Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing emblazoned with a large “NO.” Commenters have taken over the club’s Facebook page with accusations of sexism and misogyny.

“Disgusting that girls are being penalised for having boobs and legs,” wrote commenter Aiofe Lazenby. “I called the 1800’s to see if I could borrow a suitable frock for the event but they aren’t picking up. Shame,” joked Lila Naples. In the process, each angry commenter is leaving a one-star review on the club. They’ve received 251 one-star reviews so far, jacking the club’s numbers all the way down to 1.5 stars overall so far.

Some commenters agree that the club has a right to place a dress code, but take issue with the sexist wording of the post. “You’re more then entitled to place a dress code on an event you’re throwing, but the wording of your post is extremely problematic and promotes shaming female bodies,” wrote Erin Donnelly. It’s a mark of this generation of women that they know how they deserve to be treated, and it doesn’t involve the word “deplorable.”

The club attempted to stem the flow of anger by reminding commenters that men also have to ascribe to a dress code of “Suit and tie, slacks and shoes.” But unlike the women’s dress code, men weren’t insulted in the description process. Best of luck to Fusion Hall as it attempts to work through the impossible process of winning back the love of a swarm of angry teenage girls.

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