#WillItLookGoodOnMeTho Is Here to Solve Your Lipstick Troubles

Never buy the wrong lipstick shade again. (Photo: Instagram/ @WillItLookGoodOnMeTho)
Never buy the wrong lipstick shade again. (Photo: Instagram/@WillItLookGoodOnMeTho)

If you’ve bought a tube of lipstick at any point in your life, you know that finding the perfect shade is a shot in the dark if you don’t get to try it on. And with brands asking up to $40 for a single tube, buying lipstick can be a dicey endeavor. The guessing game is even harder for women of color, since makeup ads tend to feature predominantly fair-skinned women. But bloggers Michelle Meredith and Piaget Ventus are here with a solution: #WillItLookGoodOnMeTho.

“Whenever we would share a color, we couldn’t help but notice how much different it looked on each of us — and the Instagram account just sort of sprouted from that,” Meredith tells Yahoo Beauty. “We just figured it would amuse our friends and family, and maybe a few other lipstick fans might like it.” The pair didn’t expect to have 8,000 followers in just six weeks. “It happened pretty organically,” Ventus says. “We realized we both had a weird obsession with lipstick and enjoy the process of finding the perfect shade for the perfect occasion.”

“There are a ton of lipsticks that look great on all complexions and features but don’t always translate the same,” says Ventus. “I’ve learned that some colors look dark on Michelle but end up translating brighter on me. I love a good matte lipstick, I’m drawn to more vampy or earthy colors, but I’m a sucker for a good purple!” Meredith’s favorite colors are pinks and nudes compared to Ventus’s bolder ones, but since launching the account, she’s been more willing to get out of her comfort zone. “My favorite shade we tried was the first photo we posted — it’s this beautiful gray-blue. It’s the color of the sea and I’m obsessed with it,” Meredith says. “I think lipsticks are universal in the sense that anyone can wear whatever they want, but it won’t always look the same on you as it does on the next person. We just want to highlight the differences. Despite our account’s name, it isn’t really about ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ just different.”

You will likely be seeing more from the duo. “When we started this we weren’t sure if people would even be into it,” says Piaget. “Now that we have been receiving so much love and interest, we’ve been exploring ways to expand so we can reach more people. That includes covering a wider range of skin tones.” Meredith says you’ll be able to find them on other social media platforms in the future. “We have no shortage of ideas, it’s just a matter of execution,” she says. “We want everyone to feel included and represented, and we’ve definitely heard those specific requests from our followers.”

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