90 Questions About the '90s You HAVE To Ask Gen Z

Ask Gen Z about '90s terms like Marky Mark, dial-up, VCRs and more.

At some point, you've likely been driving in the car with someone belonging to a different generation than you, when suddenly, their favorite "oldie" song comes on. Maybe, you had never heard the song before. Your elder belonging to the previous generation likely went on a tangent about how popular that particular song was back in the day. Or, maybe older family members have talked about vintage household items that were once commonly used, like record players.

Undoubtedly, every generation seems to be slightly confused by the technology, products and pop culture of the previous one. But, with such an abrupt boom in both technology and the Internet over the past 20 years? The gap between Gen Z—those born between 1997 and 2012—and older generations seems larger than ever. And this list of questions about the '90s to ask Gen Z will certainly prove that!

Parents on TikTok have made it into a fun series where they ask their Gen Z children to describe certain '90s items. A lot of them are absolutely stumped by the majority of the questions, and we can’t stop laughing about it. If there’s a youngster in your life that you’re ready to quiz, check out this list of funny questions to ask Gen Z about the '90s.

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90 Funny Questions About the '90s To Ask Gen Z

What is a floppy disk

What is a walkman?

What is AOL?

What is a beeper?

Who is Lisa Frank?

What is a pager?

What is a Tamagotchi?

What would someone use *69 for when making a phone call?

Who wrote the book series "Goosebumps"?

What is a Bop It?

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What is AIM?

What group sang the popular song, "Waterfalls"?

What is VHS?

What is a RAZR?

What is Limewire?

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What is a Dunkaroo?

What is a VCR?

What is a Fdurby?

In what city did the show "Full House" take place?

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What are Beanie Babies?

What is a boombox?

What are pogs?

What is Blockbuster?

What is the name of the main human character in Pokemon?

What is a typewriter?

What is a Neopet?

What are the yellow pages used for?

What is a PEZ dispenser?

Who was Princess Diana?

What was Britney Spears's debut album called?

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What is a yo-yo?

What is a walkie-talkie?

In what movie do they say the famous line, “I see dead people”?

What Los Del Mar song/dance was popular in the 90s?

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What is My Little Pony?

Who is Betty Spaghetti?

What is a Game Boy?

Who is Strawberry Shortcake?

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What is the electric slide?

What basketball player was in the movie "Space Jam"?

What does it mean to burn a CD?

What is a transistor radio?

What is a radiator?

What is dial-up?

What is a landline?

What does the WWW mean in a URL?

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What is a Rolodex used for?

What is a window cranker?

What is an Etch-a-Sketch?

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What are Polly Pockets?

Who is Marky Mark?

What is Sega?

What is an Easy Bake Oven?

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What is Myspace?

What is a fax machine?

What is a payphone?

What is a Talkboy?

What is an answering machine?

What are American Girl Dolls?

What was sold at the store, "Borders"?

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What are hammer pants?

What is a cassette tape?

What does MTV stand for?

What are the names of the characters in the T.V. show Friends?

What is a slap bracelet?

What is a Lite-Brite?

What is Napster?

What boy band was Justin Timberlake in?

What is the game "Snake"?

What is a fanny pack?

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What famous 90s girl group was known for wearing high-platform boots?

What band was Gwen Stefani part of before she went solo?

What is an overhead projector?

What are the names of the four main female characters in Sex and the City?

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Who sang the song "Ice Ice Baby"?

What famous actor stars in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

What T.V. show was James Franco and Jason Segal on together?

What school item did the brand "Spacemaker" sell?

Who is Jerry Springer?

What is the name of one of the Spice Girls members?

Who is Rosie O'Donnell?

What is the theme song of the show Friends?

What does a Koosh Ball look like?

What is a slinky?

What is a tether ball?

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What famous actor hosted the show Punk'd?

What does A/S/L stand for?

What colors were the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em toys?

What are moon shoes?

What is silly putty?

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