10 Crazy Facts About Cadbury Eggs—Like How They Were Once Anointed By A Queen

cadbury mini eggs
10 Things To Know About Cadbury Mini EggsDelish

Eggs are everywhere during the Easter season—in the candy aisle, hidden around your front yard, in Easter table centerpieces. You get the picture. If you're a fan of chocolate eggs, we have a feeling that Cadbury creme eggs are your go-to. And while that Easter classic is beloved for good reason, there's another deserving contender for all-time-best-Easter-candy: Cadbury mini eggs.

With their hard outer candy shell in pastel shades, creamy milk chocolate interior, and petite size, Cadbury mini eggs are downright addictive. You may even be stockpiling them as we speak, because true fans know they're only available for a limited time. More on that below!

If you're looking to whip up some homemade Easter treats, check out our easter egg strawberries and Peeps skillet s'mores. Now here's everything you need to know about Cadbury mini eggs.

You can (mostly) only get them during the Easter season

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Like Cadbury creme eggs, mini eggs are generally only available during Easter, which is exactly why some enthusiasts wipe local groceries of their entire stock during mini egg season. Some folks started a petition to try to make these available year round, but so far their efforts—*sob*—have been unsuccessful.

Desperate for an out-of-season mini egg? Go here

cadbury mini eggs
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If you're really into Cadbury mini eggs, here's a secret: Trek to Canada or the U.K.,where they're available all year long, according to this Reddit thread.

They come in different flavors

cadbury mini eggs

While the original candy-coated, solid milk chocolate mini eggs are perfect just the way they are, variety is the spice of life. Thankfully the Cadbury Gods have given us a few different mini egg options: There are white mini eggs (solid white chocolate with a speckled candy coating), dark mini eggs (dark chocolate filling), and shimmer mini eggs (the milk chocolate original, but with sparkle!).

Let's pour one out, though, for the discontinued variety popping mini eggs—like Pop Rocks, but in a mini egg!

You can also get filled versions

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If you like the idea of mini chocolate eggs, but aren't into their solid core or candy shell, try some of Cadbury's other mini eggs, which have gooey fillings like milk chocolate, Oreo, and Daim (a Swedish almond toffee bar). You'll have to get them shipped to you, though, because they're only available in the U.K. or online retailers.

The mini egg's roots are over 150 years old

cadbury mini eggs

In 1854, Queen Victoria gave Cadbury a royal warrant, which anointed it the queen's chocolate company of choice. In 1875, the first eggs, called "dragees" were made with dark chocolate and filled with sugar coated chocolate drops. But the mini eggs we know didn't come out until 1967.

They look different in other countries

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If you travel outside of the U.S., mini eggs may look different than most Americans are used to. Stateside, mini eggs are one solid hue, including the color blue. In the U.K., however, eggs are dotted with speckles to look more realistically egg-like. They come only in white, yellow, pink and purple—meaning, no blue!

According to this TikToker, the British version's flavor is way better. Them's fighting words!

They can take your chocolate chip cookies to the next level

Don't simply replace the chocolate chips with Cadbury mini eggs—add them both to the recipe, like this TikTok creator did. Not only are the mini eggs bright and colorful, they also add an extra crunch. We can't believe we didn't think of this ourselves.

Or they can make a sweet dessert dip

Blogger ConservaMom turned Cadbury Mini Eggs into a cream cheese-based dip with powdered sugar and crushed eggs. Served with graham crackers, cookies, or fruit, it's the perfect Easter brunch app (if your sweet tooth can take all the sugar!). This YouTube video walks through another version of the sweet dip.

Mini eggs are no strangers to controversy

As mentioned, mini eggs and their creme egg cousins are only around during Easter, so when Cadbury moved the word "Easter" from the front of the packaging to the back, some fans were not happy. People still seem to be obsessed with them, though.

The Hershey Company makes Cadbury Mini Eggs in the U.S.

citing rising cost of ingredients, hershey's raises prices 8 percent
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In fact, all Cadbury products found in the U.S. are made by Hershey's thanks to the licensing agreement. "The manufacture of some Cadbury confectionery brands was licensed to The Hershey Company, and are only sold in the US," The Hershey Company shares. "Cadbury England continues to produce and sell its products in other countries."

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