9 Retro Toys Your Kids Will Love as Much as You Did

We're still waiting for the coolest toy in the world to be invented—that would be Marty McFly’s time machine, of course. However, if you want to time-travel back to your own childhood with your kids, give them the gift of these nostalgic toys.


Why your kid will love it: Yep, we're going to bring up Back to the Future again. While you can’t buy Marty’s time-traveling DeLorean, you can go ’80s retro with this skateboard! Teach your kids tricks, or just how to cruise on over to their friend’s house.

Fun fact: Early skaters used wooden boxes or boards with roller-skate wheels slapped to the bottom to get around.

To buy: Yeubo Mini Cruiser Skateboard, $30; amazon.com.

Lincoln Logs

Why your kids will love it: Little builders will love creating their own cabins with old-fashioned Lincoln Logs, which stack up neatly and come with a roof, chimney, windows and doors.

Fun fact: Lincoln Logs were created by of the son of famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright; in 2018, they will celebrate their 100th birthday and are still made in the USA.

To buy: Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary Tin, $45; amazon.com.


Why your kids will love it: Tapping away at games on their phones can get a little lonely. Get the whole family involved in an epic tourney of the classic real estate board game.

Fun fact: More than a billion people globally have played Monopoly; the game is currently produced in 47 languages and sold in 114 countries.

To buy: Classic Monopoly, $17; amazon.com.

Baby Alive

Why your kids will love it: You spent your childhood taking care of this lifelike doll, so why wouldn't your little one love it just as much? The modern update: Her nose turns red and she’ll ask for a checkup to see if she is sick. It’s perfect training for your young doctor to learn his/her craft.

Fun fact: The doll makes over 30 sounds and phrases, and can frown, cry tears, and speak either English or Spanish.

To buy: Baby Alive Sweet Tears Doll, $39; amazon.com.

Slinky Dog

Why your kids will love it: You recognize it from your own toy box, but your kid will recognize it from Toy Story. The classic Slinky Dog comes with a rope so kids can pull it around the house and pretend they have a real dog. Bonus—no accidents on the rug!

Fun fact: The Slinky was an accidental creation by mechanical engineer Richard James in 1943. When some of his springs fell off a shelf, he noticed they appeared to take steps on their own, and a new toy was born.

To buy: The Original Slinky Dog, $13; amazon.com.

Hot Wheels

Why your kids will love it: Toy cars, children, zoom zoom—need we say more?

Fun fact: When the cars first came out there were just 16 different versions. Today, you can choose from more than 20,000 different models. No wonder the average American child owns about 50 of these classic cars.

To buy: Hot Wheels Rooftop Race Garage With Tune-Up Shop, $25; amazon.com.

Hula Hoop

Why your kids will love it: The physical challenge of keeping these hoops spinning has never gone out of style—your kids can compete with each other to see who can keep it spinning the longest on their arms, tummy or even neck.

Fun fact: Hula Hoops are modeled on an Australian hoop made of bamboo that kids down under used in gym class.

To buy: Wham-O Originial Hula Hoop (set of 3; $30); amazon.com.


Why your kids will love it: Whether you last played as a kid or at beer-fueled frat party, you know how much fun it can be to try to stack up the tallest tower without knocking the whole thing down.

Fun fact: The record for highest Jenga tower ever: 40 complete stories, with two blocks into the 41st, by Robert Grebler in 1985.

To buy: Jenga, $17; amazon.com.

Easy Bake Oven

Why your kids will love it: The cakes still taste kind of weird, but it’s so much fun to create those tiny confections almost all by yourself.

Fun fact: Yep, the "appliance" still uses a lightbulb to bake the cakes.

To buy: Easy Bake Ultimate Oven, Baking Star Super Treat Edition With 3 Mixes, $62; amazon.com.