9 Pet-Friendly Couches That Let You Say "Hop Up" Instead of "Get Down"

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These long-lasting couches, made with durable materials, are comfortable and practical for humans and their pets.

<p>Courtesy of Castlery, Joybird, Floyd Home</p>

Courtesy of Castlery, Joybird, Floyd Home

Once you bring a pet into your life, your priorities shift. You can still take a spontaneous vacation, but you’ll need to ensure they’re cared for before heading to the airport. You can work longer hours at work, but if you have a dog, they’ll need a walker. When you decide its time to upgrade your furniture, you think about your pet first, too. You're mindful of the fabrics and colors you choose—just in case your pet sheds, likes to scratch, or has an accident.

When shopping for pet-friendly furniture, your two top priorities should be durability and cleanliness, says Samantha Bell, a cat expert at The Best Friends Animal Society. “There’s a possibility that the sofa will get stains, so the fabric should be stain-resistant and easy to clean,” she says. “Pets’ nails [might also] be used when they jump on and off the sofa, so the fabric should be durable. It’s a bonus if you can remove the fabric and wash the cushion covers in case your pets have accidents.”

The top furniture fabric choice for pet owners might surprise you: You should seriously consider a leather couch, since the material is thick enough to withstand a pet’s nails and quick to clean, says Bell. Or, for a more budget-friendly or washable option, consider microfiber, which uses fine, tightly woven threads that are hard for pet nails to dig into. “It’s also stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to wipe down, and long-lasting,” Bell says.

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How to Make Your Pet-Friendly Couch Last Longer

As you shop for a pet-friendly couch, remember this: Though the furniture's fabrics and materials are meant to repel pet hair and withstand scratches and accidents, some maintenance is needed—and that goes for your couch and your pets. To get the most life out of this investment piece, Bell recommends taking the following steps.

Invest in a Quality Cat Scratcher

And not just any scratcher—one that is as sturdy and as tall as your new sofa. “One of the reasons cats scratch sofas is because many of the scratchers on the market slide or tip over when cats put their weight on them,” she says.

Make Your Pet's Bed a Positive Place

Bell recommends putting pet beds or blankets on the sofa and using positive reinforcement to reward your pet when sitting on them.

Trim Nails and Schedule Regular Grooming Appointments

If you have cats, make sure their nails are trimmed regularly, so there is less damage to your furniture. And if your dog requires visits to the dog salon, make sure to keep up with their appointments, so less shedding and dander stick to your couch.

Prepare for Accidents

As Bell says, accidents will happen—be patient with your pets and try not to get upset.

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9 Pet-Friendly Couches to Shop Now

Now that you know that some work will be required to make your new investment last, it's time to get shopping. Here, we found nine pet-friendly couches for all budgets and families.

Ikea Kivik Sofa

<p>Courtesy of Ikea</p>

Courtesy of Ikea

IKEA's Kivik sofa is more affordable than many furniture brands' couch offerings and features a washable slipcover. Not only does this allow you to quickly wash away mud spots from pet paws, but it also allows you to switch out the design if your style changes over the years. This piece's overall aesthetic leans minimalist and modern and features low, wide armrests for comfort.

Price at time of publish: $1,140

Castlery Adams Loveseat

<p>Courtesy of Castlery</p>

Courtesy of Castlery

For pet owners who dwell in smaller spaces, a loveseat might be a better option than an oversized couch. This smart option won’t take up too much square footage, but it does provide ample space for a couple and their dog or cat. It has removable covers you can hand-wash, but they aren't suitable for the washing machine.

This might require a bit more maintenance on your part, but what we love the most about this pet-friendly pick is its base. The legs are made from brass metal, and the frame from sturdy wood, meaning it can withstand an overzealous pet who likes to hop up and down or scratch while they're barking at squirrels.

Price at time of publish: $1,199

Joybird Braxton Sleeper Sofa

<p>Courtesy of Joybird</p>

Courtesy of Joybird

Joybird has gained a cult following for its chic, well-constructed, and modern couches. For a classic, traditional aesthetic, this sleeper sofa pulls triple duty as a couch for you, a bed for your guests, and a crash pad for your pets. We love the bold selection of colors and durable fabrics (click the pet-friendly fabric button when you browse, which will deliver a range of suitable options, from leather and microfiber to velvet).

This pet-friendly sofa doesn't have slipcovers, but the fabrics designed just for pet owners makes spot cleaning fast and easy. You probably wouldn't want to choose this if you have oversized dogs—they’d take up the whole couch—but it's a smart pick for petite pups and cats.

Price at time of publish: $2,628

Floyd The Sofa

<p>Courtesy of Floyd Home</p>

Courtesy of Floyd Home

This cozy pet-friendly couch is as customizable as it gets: choose from a two- or three-seater (or a three-seater with a chaise) and select your color and base, from birchwood to walnut. The oversized, stain-resistant cushions don't come with slip covers, but have been rigorously tested for long-lasting durability.

And we do mean rigorously tested: This company dropped heavy weights on the backrest many times to apply pressure to the legs. No matter what they did, the power-coated steel legs held strong. Considering your animals might get a rush of energy after your morning hang, it's comforting to know this sofa will stand the test of time—and Fido's zoomies.

Price at time of publish: from $1,180

HUTWIFE 78 Inches Velvet Mid-Century Sofa Couch

<p>Courtesy of Walmart</p>

Courtesy of Walmart

If you’re on a budget and on a mission to upgrade your living room furniture, this pet-friendly couch is a bargain. It’s a large two-seater, available in three colors, and created with anti-scratch fabric. Plus, when an accident inevitably happens (hairball, anyone?), you can simply remove and wash the back cushions. This means no matter how intent your cat seems to be on his morning grooming ritual, this couch will endure.

Price at time of publish: $380

Dreamsir Mid-Century Velvet Sofa

<p>Courtesy of Amazon</p>

Courtesy of Amazon

When you browse antique stores, you may find yourself drawn to the deep, rich velvets that have been used in upholstery for centuries. When shopping for a pet-friendly couch, you might not want to invest in a timeless piece—but you can recreate the same charm and glamour with this tufted velvet option. Coming in under $500, this couch is covered in a fabric that is equally luxurious and strong. No matter which bold five colors you choose, you’ll add character to your space—and give yourself peace of mind knowing you can clean up spills or shoo away a scratching cat with little to no damage.

Price at time of publish: $459

Viv + Rae Blanchette Kail Microfiber/Microsuede Armless 3-Seat Togo Three Seater

<p>Courtesy of Wayfair</p>

Courtesy of Wayfair

There are two types of troublemakers in your home: your dogs and your kids—and they often roam together as partners in mess-making crime. Consider this armless design with a curved back if you need a pet-friendly playroom pick that will last from the toddler to the teenage years.

Whether it's your little ones climbing over it or your pup hopping up for a rest (and a head scratch), the dense polyether foam provides support and comfort. Plus, the microsuede fabric is scratch and stain-resistant, so you won’t have to sacrifice the couch even when those pet (and kid) disasters do happen.

Price at time of publish: $1,170

Mistana Dingler 77'' Upholstered Sleeper Sofa

<p>Courtesy of Wayfair</p>

Courtesy of Wayfair

When you need a practical and durable couch, look for something like this clean-lined, pet-friendly perch. By day, it’s a sofa, and by night, it turns into a twin-sized bed for sleepovers. What makes this an ideal addition to your house full of animals is the stain and mildew-resistant linen fabric that’s soft, but tough. While you can’t remove the cushion covers to wash them, reviewers rave about how easy it is to spot clean and move on to the next to-do item on your list.

Price at time of publish: $350

BenchMade Modern "Skinny Fat" Sofa

<p>Courtesy of BenchMade Modern</p>

Courtesy of BenchMade Modern

Here’s the deal: This BenchMade Modern couch is definitely a splurge—and the priciest option on our list. However, if you want a beautifully crafted, long-lasting, and quick-to-clean piece that works for you and your pets, this is where you should invest your money.

The company offers a wide variety of performance fabrics, all of which are "pet-proof, wine-proof, kid-proof, pizza-proof, and everything-else-proof," the website reads. Like other furniture lines, you can customize and configure the right couch for you, whether it's this option or something simpler or smaller. Might we suggest picking something that the whole family can pile into for movie night? That obviously includes the dogs—but you already knew that.

Price at time of publish: from $3,700