9-Year-Old Girl Starts Kindness Movement to Spread Love and Joy

Emily VanSchmus
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9-Year-Old Girl Starts Kindness Movement to Spread Love and Joy

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A young girl from Idaho isn’t allowing the pandemic to stop her from spreading kindness to strangers. Nine-year-old Jaclyn Gomez was watching the news one night with her parents when she realized that a lot of people are struggling right now. She wanted to find a way to encourage people in her community, so she started handing out roses and handwritten notes of support to those in her city. She calls the initiative her Love Project and started a Facebook group to encourage others to participate in their own communities.

Jaclyn has been impacting all kinds of people around Boise: She’s handed out flowers to strangers on the street, given notes to doctors and nurses, and delivered pizza to six local fire stations in nearby Meridian, Idaho. On her Facebook page (called Kidz4uniting) she encourages other kids to perform their own acts of kindness and post them on the page.

Courtesy of the Gomez family Jacklyn's mission is to make sure everyone knows they are loved and they matter.

Jaclyn’s mom Allie Gomez says she hopes the group will inspire others. “We are beyond proud of Jaclyn for not only coming up with this Love Project all on her own but for putting this project into action,” Gomez said. “She is one little determined young girl. She truly hopes that her Love Project will inspire other kiddos out there to go out and make a difference and spread love.”

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Since she started the Facebook group a few months ago, the response from others has been overwhelmingly positive. “We were not sure how it would all come together and how others would react, but the response has been incredible and such a beautiful moment to witness,” she says.

Courtesy of the Gomez family Jaclyn Gomez with her Shine a Light award.

“Jaclyn has always been the sweet shy girl with a gentle soul. She also was more of an introvert,” Gomez explains. “Throughout the adventure of her Love Project she has completely stepped out of her comfort zone. Going up to strangers to not only give them a love gift but also interact with them has brought out a whole new level of positivity and confidence with self-esteem.”

Last week, a local news station awarded Jacklyn with an award called Shine A Light, which honors those doing good things in their communities. Jaclyn is the first child recipient of the award.

To participate in the Love Project and share your own acts of kindness, follow along on the Kidz4uniting Facebook page.