This $9 Lip Gloss Looks Way More Expensive Than It Is—& Even Popular TikTok Creators Say Its ‘Fire’

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I was scrolling through TikTok before bed the other night and stumbled upon yet another product I now desperately want: NYX’s Fat Oil Lip Drip. I watched popular creator @glamzilla apply the gloss in shade ‘Status Update’ (a gorgeous nude-brown) and was quite honestly wowed from the start. 

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“I bought this $9 lip oil from the drugstore because I think it might be fire,” the TikTok creator says in the video. “And yes, I was right,” she says post-application.

This video flung me into an extensive dive into what other folks are saying about it on the platform, and friends, the remarks are sky high. It seems like everyone has already gotten their hands on the low-key remarkable gloss, so it’s safe to say I feel entirely left out.

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Luckily, unlike most TikTok-viral products, this one is still in stock in all shades at multiple retailers, including Amazon and Ulta. Basically, both you and I can scoop as many colors as we please right this very second.


NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip

NYX Fat Oil $9

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All eight shades bring a high-shine to the lips that resembles more expensive glosses people know and love. Despite being just under $10, the gloss really does look far more luxurious than it is. That said, it comes with its own set of benefits; the affordable oil offers up to 12 hours of hydration and has softening ingredients like raspberry oil, cloudberry oil and vegan squalene.

Now, run and grab them all before the NYX Fat Oil Lip Drips sell out at multiple retailers.

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