9 Food-Inspired Beauty Products That Are (Almost) Good Enough to Eat

Madison Yauger
·4 min read

Food-Inspired Beauty Products That Are (Almost) Good Enough to Eat

Although some real food might be better if you’re that hungry.

When you wander through a mall, chances are, one of the first things you notice are the smells designed to lure you into each store. Since scent is the most powerful of the human senses, and research shows it's most closely linked to memory, retailers commonly use a practice called scent-marketing to make their products more memorable.

Beauty companies have long used this practice with body scrubs and lotions, but now more makeup brands are doing the same, creating products that take on the smell and/or the appearance of food. To take it one step further, some companies are even creating vegan products that are solely made of organic materials, utilizing those strong scents, and in some cases, flavors that are safe enough to eat. Although we don't advise actually consuming them, here are some of our favorite food-inspired beauty products.

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TooFaced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette

This versatile palette features 18 pigmented shades of brown and peachy hues. Fun fact: Each shade is intended to represent the different layers of a peach—nectar-filled center, fuzzy ombre skin, and everything in between. To make things even sweeter, the shadows actually smell like peaches—one bold reviewer even said it tastes good, becoming the first literal “consumer” of this product.