8BitDo's Ultimate Gaming Controller Is Finally Here In Wireless Form

If you're looking for a new controller to update your gaming setup, 8BitDo has now updated its sleek Ultimate Controller design with the introduction of new wireless models as well. Now available in either Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless configurations or a traditional wired model.

The new lineup carries an Xbox-styled layout with a left analog stick and the A-B-X-Y buttons on either side while a right analog stick and left-handed D-pad sit lower in the center. You'll also find two extra paddles on the rear in addition to your standard bumpers to give you more room for customization through the company's Ultimate Software, where you can remap all the buttons and save three different profiles for quick switches in between games or platforms.

As for compatibility, the Bluetooth version will link up with Windows PCs and the Nintendo Switch while the 2.4GHz variant works with Windows, Android and Raspberry Pi platforms. The wired version will then connect with Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi and the Switch. Available in black, white and pink, prices for 8BitDo's new Ultimate Controller range from $35 USD to $70 USD and deliveries are expected for October.

In other gear-related news, AMD will be launching its Ryzen 7000 series of CPUs this September.